Embryonic stem-cell bill in MA

Recently in my state (Massachusetts) a bill was passed (GRRR!!!) in the state senate that would legalize embryonic stem-cell research. I ask that any and all who see this, please pray that this bill will be rejected either in the state House of Representatives or by the governor.

The passing of this bill is horrible. People aren’t products that can be made for the benefit of others (which is what this bill would legalize)! :mad: :frowning:

Thank you and God bless you!

We passed it California and it is actually a embryonic stem cell cloning bill I am sure MA is similar. Let me tell you now that we have spent Billions on the program of the many cures that have come from it.

It’s a huge waste of money and unethical to boot. Why not promote adult stem cells and and other forms which are ethical is beyond me.

This one is worded differently. It says it is not about cloning. It STILL is about using people for parts, which is ethically appalling. People shouldn’t be grown for parts. It’s sick. :mad:

Now I’m not sure. I’ve heard it IS about cloning. :frowning: It seems it will become law now. It passed the house preliminary vote, I believe. They have more votes than the governor can veto. So, unless people change their mind before things finalize it seems this will become legal. :frowning:

God, please help us.

And most of our legislators in MA are probably Catholic, eh?

Yeah it is most likely to pass Mitt’s Veto promise. The sad thing is we had to either choice the Cloning bill, or the as putted “lesser evil” of just donated embryos. Although I think the diocese did a good job of getting the right info out.

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