Embryonic Stem Cell Breakthrough Puts Type 1 Diabetes Cure In Reach


It took 15 years, but they found something.

At first glance, exciting! Second glance, downright horrific and appalling. Praying for scientists that they find an ethical cure.


Beyond horrific and appalling.:mad:


This is sickening. It is appalling, disgusting, and outraging that scientists are allowed to kill human beings in order to further their “research”. This is clearly unethical and immoral research. I will not support this in any way, shape, or form.


For those who may be interested in the Jewish Law perspective on the issue, a fascinating discussion can be found on the website “Jewish Virtual Library: Issues in Jewish Ethics, Stem-Cell Research.”


I am interested in the views of type 1 diabetics here on the forum. It is easy for people who do not suffer from a disease to deny treatment to others. Are there any type 1’s here that would reject this treatment (assuming it proves successful) that would make a huge difference in your life?




Reading thearticle it says they have had a positive result in mice. It is not able to work in humans because the immune reaction. Let’s pray they find a way to extract more from cadavers or a solution from adult stem cells.


and how many more embryos will be destroyed before they have a sure thing?

Why don’t they work on using ADULT stem cells to fix the problem with the pancreas not being able to produce enough of its own insulin? That would be much more ethical than using EMBRYONIC stem cells!


I have been a type 1 diabetic for more than twenty years, and there is no way I would accept a treatment that uses embryonic stem cells.

I would prefer to wait until they find an ethical and effective means of treatment. Much advancement is being made in this field so I have high hopes that a more ethical cure will be found. The university in my hometown has made leaps and strides in this area, and none of their research (at least as far as I know) involves the use of embryonic stem cells.


Douglas Melton, the researcher who developed this technique, is aware of the ethical objections to using embryonic stem cells. He will now attempt to achieve the same results using induced pluripotent stem cells:

Some people have moral objections to anything that involves human embryonic stem cell research because it destroys human embryos.

“If, like me, someone considers the human embryo to be imbued with the same sorts of dignity that the rest of us have, then in fact this is morally problematic,” says Daniel Sulmasy, a doctor and bioethicist at the University of Chicago. “It’s the destruction of an individual unique human life for the sole purpose of helping other persons.”

Melton thinks he can also make insulin cells using another kind of stem cell known as an induced pluripotent stem cell, which doesn’t destroy any embryos. He’s trying to figure out if it works as well, and hopes to start testing his insulin cells in people with diabetes within three years.

I wonder if using IPS cells would reduce or eliminate the problem of immune system rejection?


Hmm, a cure for Diabetes T1. Sounds promising. Now just start using adult stem cells and I’ll stop glaring angrily at you for killing the unborn.

If your’re going to use the cure on the post-natal, if just for medicine’s sake use stem cells better equipped for the post-natal body.


Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. If I was a type one diabetic, and this therapy was the only one that offered me a cure, I just have to be honest and say I would use it.


I’m a Catholic mom of a beautiful daughter who has type 1 diabetes, she is 12, soon to be 13 years old. She attends Catholic School, she came down with type 1 diabetes when she was in the 2nd grade, we have no family history. She is an amazing young woman, who has joy of life like never seen. She gives her all to everything, devoted Catholic, hard working student, high honors, involved in community, involved in school, takes advantage of all life has to offer.
However, every night when she goes to bed she truly fears it will be her last night alive, she knows she may die form dead in bed syndrome when her blood glucose goes dangerously low and she can die in her sleep. Just the other evening her blood glucose was so low she was seeing stars and couldn’t hold the juice to drink on her own.
Yes, we do everything to keep her blood sugar levels in range but she is what they used to call brittle diabetic, that term isn’t used any more but she is what it describes.

Do I believe in abortion NO.

Do I believe it’s morally wrong to use embryonic stem cell to save my child NO.

Do I believe NOT using embryonic stem cells to find a cure to save my daughter and other type 1 diabetics is morally wrong and anyone who believes so has no regard for human life YES.

Can you prove embryos have soul, can you prove they don’t?

Can you tell me a ball of cells that no one can prove wether it has a soul or not is more meaningful than my daughter?

For important note:
Chicken pox vaccine was created using embryonic stem cells, the Catholic church has approved its use, saying its benefit to society outweighs its harm to the embryos used in creating the chicken pox vaccine.

More children and adults die from type 1 diabetes every year than did from chicken pox!


MMR, and Hep A were also manufactured using aborted babies. They all come from the same two cell lines as the Chicken Pox vaccine.

Here are the guidelines for use of vaccines or other treatments derived from aborted babies.

And here are the guidelines in plain English.




I’m not sure if you’re trying to say I’m wrong or not.

In every literature I have read the church has stated when no other vaccine is available then use of these ones are important to save your children’s lives. There is no other cure for type 1 diabetes. Insulin is not a cure, her pump is not a cure, her cgm is not a cure.

Her life is most precious and should not wait for alternative cure if this is the only one. I’m not risking her life over how the cure was obtained, that is not her action as a child.

Last month I woke up suddenly, her cgm alarm was not alarming, something urged me that she needed me. I went to check on her, she was covered in sweat and was unresponsive, her cgm showed her glucose was okay at 140, however I checked her blood glucose and it was 37, it was 2:30 am. What ever divine power woke me up and urged me to check on my precious child, when modern technology failed her, would not have me turn away a cure.


I was just adding to what you were saying about use of vaccines. Sources to back up statements helps to avoid arguments.


I was discussing this with our son, who lives with type I diabetes. We discussed the disappointment a promising treatment may involve human embryonic stem cells (human ES cells). He understands and states he agrees with the moral objections with human ES cells. He wouldn’t want such treatment w/ Human ES. But hopes development with Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) may be an option someday – if any treatment actually pans out.

One can hope!


What’s so sad is that they can use adult stem cells reverse them back to their embryonic state without having to kill an embryo. They are called pluripotent stem cells.


Dear lovesmychild,

You’re obviously going through a rough time with your daughter, understandably afraid, and the temptation to grasp at any straw must be enormous.

But on the other hand, the embryos from the cell line they used in this diabetes study were also human beings, created in God’s image, with their own unique DNA. Sadly, he (or she, or they, whatever the case was), had the misfortune of being little, defenseless, and friendless, with nobody to stand up for him. That gave the scientists involve the opportunity to profoundly exploit him, to the point of death. The attitude being, you’re not REALLY human, but we MUST have your cells.

I wouldn’t want to be devalued and exploited like that.

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