Emergency baptisim

My friend had an emergency baptism in hospital when he was born 54yrs ago. How does he find his records of baptism. The hospital has since been demolished and he has no family members left.

Don’t think the hospital keeps that on record. He needs to talk to a priest.

I should have clarified, was it by a priest or by an employee at the hospital, or someone else?


Thank you. Do you mean any priest as he does not know who baptised him?

Thank you very much for your advice. I shall now pass on that information and hope he can sort it out. I can’t believe how fast someone has replied to my question. God bless you. Jason

A Christian says that when your body dies your soul/spirit is taken by Jesus straight away to heaven where as a catholic states that on Jesus second coming he calls all the believers from the grave. So do we go straight to heaven or rest in peace in our graves?

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Our soul goes to God instantly at death.

Then at the Resurrection, our bodies will be raised up and rejoined to our souls and glorified.

Also, if your friends baptism records don’t exist and he has no witness, it’s fine. He can just get a conditional baptism in the Church.

They will say “if you are not already baptized, I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Ok thank you once again. I think that clarifies everything. God bless Jason

He should contact the parish in whose boundaries the hospital resided. Baptisms that take place in such circumstances should be recorded in the parish baptismal registry. If he was confirmed, the confirmation record should also note the baptismal record so he could track it that way as well by contacting the parish where he was confirmed.

We are assuming that:

A) your friend’s parents were Catholics who had a Catholic priest conduct the emergency baptism

B) your friend’s parents were Catholics who reported the emergency baptism done by someone other than the priest to the priest for recording in the register.

If no record can be located, your friend has several options to discuss with his priest, depending on what he needs the record for:

A) affidavit of baptism: if his parent or parents are still alive and witnessed the baptism they can sign an affidavit of baptism.

B) he can receive conditional baptism from his pastor.


Thank you for your advice yesterday. God bless Jason

Thank you and God bless

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