Emergency baptism godparents

When a child is baptized in danger of death, does he receive his godparents then? Or when he pulls through and the rites are supplied?

The second one.

In a (imminent) danger-of-death situation, things have to be done as quickly as possible and the part of the Godparents is generally omitted. That’s assuming of course, that you mean a situation where the child is baptized outside the church-building and there’s no priest available.

I am not sure if it may be different now or no, but when my brother was born (in 1989) he received baptism straight away as the doctors were certain that he would not make it. There were no Godparents at the time. Thankfully, after a few months he was released from the hospital and we had a regular baptism for him, with Godparents.

But again, that’s just what happened in our situation.

I wanted to add, my little guy was baptized at 1 day old by the hospital Chaplain (Catholic Priest) two nurses served as witnesses. (he was born 12 weeks premature)

When he was released from the hospital, he received the complete rite,at that time his Godparents were present. The two nurses had served as “proxies”.

Hope I explained it properly.

When the Rites are supplied. And what happened in my son’s case, I called the parish that has his baptismal record and had the names of the godparents added there even before the Rites.

I also had a priest come to the hospital to baptize my son.

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