EMERGENCY prayers needed for friend


My friend is in TN and I’m in OK so I’m kinda stuck. She is an a very emotionally abusive relationship. She moved from OK about 2 years ago to be with this guy and he is completely broken her down. She has decided to leave. Which is a huge answer to prayer…I’ve been praying for a year that she leaves. She has a Uhaul reserved for Friday and is in the process of packing. He is trying to send her on a guilt trip. I keep telling her that she is doing the right thing for her and her 15 year old son. Please pray for her to have strength to leave. She is to the point where if she doesn’t do it now she will never do it. To make it worse, I’m scared that he will do something to her. I have her calling me all the time so I know she is ok…and to make this worse he is a cop. So if it came down to it he has the law on his side. Please keep her and he son in your prayers. Please also pray for me…this is so hard to be this far away and not be able to do anything but tell her she is doing the right thing.


Praying hard for her and her son!



Praying for your friend. :gopray:


Well, then, I’m going to be very specific with my prayers…I don’t mind…:smiley:

I’m going to pray the she gets a U Haul right now, today and not wait until Friday, so much can happen.

Oh, and Keri, I had a friend in an abusive relationship, know that you are doing all that you can do!


I’m going to mass in less than half an hour. I’ll pray for your friend.


Praying for your intentions…




Eternal Father, I place Keri’s friend and her son in your hands. I ask for protection over them from physical and emotional abuse. Facilitate her leaving this abusive situation. Send your angels to protect her, Lord.

Merciful Heart of Jesus, I ask that you cover them all with your Precious Blood. Bring healing of wounds and peace to their hearts.

Holy Spirit, guide Keri’s friend. Inspire her with the words and actions which will allow her to depart in peace and to start a new life under Your direction.


Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us


Lord Jesus, keep this woman and her child safe and guide them in the right direction.


I’m praying for your friend to get out of her abusive relationship safely.:crossrc:


Will keep your friend in prayer with St. Rita of Cascia, patron of difficult causes…


Lord you are fixing this situation ! Thank you Lord YOUR LOVE AND BLESSINGS WILL TOUCH HIS HEART and he will allow her to leave peacefully and not try to convince her nor try to stop her from leaving . Lord let peace enter her heart and her son’s heart . Guide them to a peaceful and happy life . . I believe that GOD can do all things ! I know he is doing all good for this woman and her son . Thank you lord ! Lord Hear this prayer ! in the name of Jesus ! amen . Praise God ! Thank you God Bless you both and Keri . . with caring and appreciation and sincere warmth , John:thumbsup:




Continued prayers for this family…keep us informed.

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