Emerging Church Movement

I don’t know a whole lot about this but that’s why I brought it for people to discuss. There are differnt forms of this movement some of which believe that Christian beliefs need updating (some believe this updating consists of married priests, woman clergy, gay marriage, etc. Etc.) …And that Christianity Only patially reflects the truth. We as Catholics know this not to be true because we believe that Jesus Christ is the fullness of truth and His Word has spoken and there is nothing more we can add to His fullness. Is this movement effecting Catholics? Again I don’t know much more about it so let’s discuss…

I thought that Catholics stood there ground when it came to gay marriage and women clergy?
I know in the Church of England there is female priests but not bishops but even they agree on no to gay marriage but I thought Catholics were even stricter so I couldn’t see them crumbling to the demands of joe public. Most of which are non-Christians calling for these kind of movements.

In every Century you have people who think they know better, hence the 40000 Protestant denominations, they want the Catholic Church to conform to the current culture.

Which is a no, no. We are traditional.

Nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good.

I have often heard fellow Catholics mentioning needed changes along these lines. There seems to be enough of them that a scism could occur. I for one will stick with the more "conservative or traditional teachings…no women priests, no married priests, natural family planning, etc.

I think there will always be sub-groups that rise up and yell for changes that better suit their desires than what is truthful. They do eventually scatter elsewhere or form another religion of sorts. I also think that the media likes to play on this and of course accentuate the more dramatic and controversial positions, which in turn serves to misinform people and cause confusion and descent. The media is no where near objective in these matters.

Not so…there are a few protestant denominations that have fallen into the error of believing a woman can be a priest, acceptance of homosexual marriage and even abortion. It is true that some individual Catholics put belief in their liberal political ideology over what Jesus teaches but the Church that He founded will always proclaim the Truth.

I believe LF is referring to a particular movement within protestantism called the ‘emerging church’. Don’t know much about it and what I have heard is from protestants. Some protestants have gone off the deep end more than others and apparently the ‘emerging church’ is one of them.

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