EMERGING CONGREGATION: Carmelites of Mary, Ever Virgin, TX

Two Carmelite nuns of the Ancient Observance from North Dakota have started a new community with a view to become cloistered.


Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


I guess I’m not understanding Cor Orans, or at least how it is applied.

The Carmel of Alexandria was attempting to start a foundation in North Dakota but had to abandon the idea because they only had four professed sisters to devote to the new foundation and under Cor Orans was not sufficient. I was sad to see this foundation go.

This community is two professed sisters. Are they able to do this because they are not yet cloistered?

As an outsider looking in, it appears that some communities are voluntarily abiding by Cor Orans and some are not. Am I not understanding the nuances, or do you think there are actually communities that are receiving dispensations?

And the monastery from which these sisters came only had about 4 sisters. So I don’t understand how a new foundation is justified.

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