Emigrating from UK to Australia?

Hi there,
Our family have been seriously considering moving from the Uk to Australia for a year now and we were wondering if anyone had any thoughts on whether Australia can offer a better life???

We find the UK too stiffling in it’s taxes and so we struggle to live. Our son had such a hard time at state schools that we moved him into a private school on a bursary which is still expensive. We want to move to a country where the health and education is better and where there is less of a “nanny state”, lower taxes, and better standard of living of a family on one wage.

Also we see a lot of trouble coming due to the large amounts of migrants coming into our country and not intergrating into our way of life…

Is there anyone out there who lives in Aus that can give us some info, or maybe anyone out there who can recommend a better country than the UK to live in???

Many thanks :thumbsup:

I live in NZ and, although many Kiwis have crossed the ditch for employment reasons, I wouldn’t want to leave here.

We have problems, like everywhere today, but on the whole we have it good compared to the UK and many countries in Europe from what I have heard. My daughter’s fiance is selling his house on the Isle of Man to emigrate here, so it can’t be too bad.

I suggest you check out our job market and see if your skills are in short supply here.

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