Emigrating to Canada from the USA


Here’s the situation. My wife is a Canadian citizen and in the USA as a permanent resident with a green card. I am a US citizen, born here. For a whole number of reasons, we want to move back to Canada. I will be able to continue to work for my employer in the USA by telecommuting (working on-line remotely). I can’t seem to find much in the way of proper procedure. So I have these questions:

  1. Can I enter Canada as a temporary resident and then file for permanent residency while there or should I go for permanent residence off the bat?
  2. How can my wife sponsor me as her husband?
  3. Can her parents sponsor me?
  4. Since I’ll be working for a US employer albeit remotely, do I need a work permit of some sort?

I suppose that there may a whole bunch of other things to ask too, but I don’t know what they are. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

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It's probably worth getting in contact with an immigration lawyer in Canada...

Good luck to you on your new adventure! :)


Or a Canadian Consulate.



I went through this 7 years ago when I (US Citizen) married my DH (Canadian).

Here is what I have learned through the process:

  1. It will take a REALLY long time. So get started as quickly as possible.
  2. Don’t just move up there, even if Immigration Canada advises you to. They will accuse you of being an illegal immigrant if you come back to the US and they try and cross back into Canada.
  3. Contact Immigration Canada ASAP. cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/sponsor/index.asp

Since you are already married it should be relatively easy, just lots of paperwork and lots of waiting for paperwork to get processed. You will need lots of original, certified copies of your marriage certificate, your birth certificate, your passport, etc.

Just keep at it and be patient.

Also, your wife may have to be living here and have a job to be able to sponsor you. There are other ways (like having one of her family members co-sign to sponsor you) that you can look into if that is not possible.


I think it would be well worth your while to talk with an immigration lawyer about your situation. Among the issues to consider (and ask a lawyer about) is this: What impact will moving back to Canda have on your wife’s US permament resident status? This could be important to consider if the two of you annticipate moving back to the US in the future.


Why on earth would you seek information on emigrating to another country from a Catholic internet forum?

You could get all kinds of wrong answers!

This is important to do correctly. Contact the Canadian government or hire a Canadian attorney specializing in immigration.


Hmmm —well it could be because I think there might be people here with a common life experience. As the replies show – there is :slight_smile: Isn’t that what we are here for as a community in Christ – to help each other!

A ‘God bless you’ to Brendan – from your link, I found a link to elsewhere that got me info that I need.

To kristacecilia, I’ve tried tha, but they really have been no help. Buffalo says that you have to an application filed before they’ll talk with you, Washington says calle Bufallo, and teh toll-free number in Vegerville doesn’t work from teh states. I may have my sister in law call them

God bless



I was wondering the same thing.

Maybe the OP could, oh…I don’t know…do a Google search on Canadian Immigration?

Oh! Look what I found. :eek:



Ah – been there done that – it was of no help for reasons of the overall complexity of immigration – which is actually worse coming from anywhere else to the USA. See my second post to the thread – common experience of others who have traveled this route.

I never thought I’d have to defend myself against sarcasm for asking a question.

God bless



After I made my post I thought about it for a few minutes, reconsidered my sarcasm, and returned to delete it. Seems that you saw it before I deleted it. Sorry about that.

You might find some good information at www.visajourney.com. Mostly folks immigrating to the U.S., but you might find someone who can help you with Canadian immigration questions.

Good luck.


My impressions were the same as 1ke.Seeking information about immigration from a Catholic forum devoted to discussing issues of faith is like asking Donald Trump about how to become a better quarterback in football :wink:

I think it’s okay to ask the question here, just make sure you are looking for information elsewhere as well. Maybe join another message board where these issues are discussed by people who have been through it, experts who know, etc.

And for sure, contact Immigration Canada directly. Your best bet is to order information from the Canadian government website. When I was applying for jobs in the U.S. (I am Canadian), I ordered a booklet with forms that gave me most of the info I needed.


hi! Canadian immigrant here!

since you’re married to a citizen, why not just ask your spouse to file a petition for you to become a Citizen and be a dual-citizen of the Canada and the US. its quick to petition a spouse, 6 months or less. and since your spouse is a Citizen, the petition can be filed abroad (in this case the US) as long as you show an intent to move back to Canada


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