Emissions Standards Tightened


Emissions Standards Tightened

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday tightened emissions standards for new gasoline-powered lawn mowers, weed trimmers and boat engines, reducing the amount of smog-causing pollution these motors will be allowed to emit.

In adopting long-delayed rules that will require small gas engines to have catalytic converters like those that have been installed in cars since 1975, the Bush administration overruled the initial objections of both engine manufacturers and their GOP allies in Congress, who argued that installing the devices in small engines could pose a fire threat.

“EPA’s new small engine standards will allow Americans to cut air pollution as well as grass,” EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson said in a statement. “These standards help fight smog in our neighborhoods and waterways as we continue to improve the environmental landscape.”

“Hi! I’m from the government. I’m here to help you!”

I wonder how much they paid some PR firm to come up with the “cut pollution as well as grass” line.

finally see one good thing here:thumbsup:

Wonder if that applies to chain saws. I hate to see any new weight added to them, and if there really is any additional fire hazard to having some kind of catalytic converter on a small engine, (the super high temps they create, I guess) this ought to make Smokey Bear nervous.

Even 10 years ago, a lawn mower put out more pollutants (the REAL kind, not including phony pollutants like CO2) per hour than about 30 cars. Cars don’t just have cat converters, they have fuel injection, O2 sensors and engine computers that adjust the air/fuel ratio to stoichiometric proportions.

Lawn mowers are still 1961 technology: carburated and fixed air/fuel ratio. No wonder they pollute so badly.

About time, I say.

I would hate having to pay a lot more for a lawn mower than is now the case. They certainly don’t give them away now. But, okay, if that’s the way it will be, we’ll all learn to live with it.

But again, something one has to carry is concerning, particularly a chain saw. Catalytic converters really do burn awfully hot. I would be nervous about having something like that in my hands, and particularly in the woods, where one normally uses a chain saw. I would also wonder about the additions to weight and bulk. Chain saws aren’t so easy to use now.

I guess the platinum market will be glad to hear about this, since I understand platinum is an essential ingredient in catalytic converters.

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