Emmaus Walk

Coming up next month I will be going on a “Men’s Emmaus Walk”, which is a spiritual journey where they take phones, clocks, watches, etc away so you can only focus your relationship with God. You are told not to reveal your faith as “we are all brothers in Christ.” You spend the whole weekend there, eat, sleep, and praying. They hold group discussions and some preaching about the faith with the intent to build your relationship with God. My protestant friends speak highly of this event and pretty much funneled me into going. I am not narrow minded, so I am deciding to go through with it.

I was skeptical to do this as it is being held at a Methodist Church and claimed “Non Denominational” which, in my experience, is all Protestant faiths and excludes Catholics. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just the teachings don’t align with Catholic beliefs.

I consulted my parish priest on this walk and was told it was ok to go, “Just don’t forget Catholic teachings”, which I know I won’t be able to take communion and such, and I feel confident I can defend my beliefs if necessary.

I wanted to post this thread to see if any other Catholics have been to these events and if so, share your experience.


I’m pretty sure you’re going to give your faith away when you make the sign of the cross.:smiley:
wondering why the criteria includes not revealing your religious identity? Of course, we are all Christians, but what difference would it make for everyone to know that you are a Catholic? This question is really more rhetorical but I will be interested to learn how this plays out once it’s over. Don’t forget to post then, OK?

I was told the reason for not revealing denomination is to prevent impure approaches to teachings. They don’t want arguments or any related mind set, only pure thoughts about what is being taught. Which, I know as you mention that I do the sign of the cross, I will give away my denomination and then let the defense begin lol. Especially when they have communion and I do not partake.

I will look to post my experience afterwards on the 16th or 17th of March.

As far as I know, this is sort of a non-Catholic specific version of a Cursillo weekend.

If it is not a Catholic event, I wouldn’t go. I wouldn’t want to hear protestant biblical teachings and I also wouldn’t want to give up the Eucharist for the time spent there.
I am surprised that your priest said that it was ok to go.:confused:

I have had a number of friends go and they found it helpful. I have not been but have had a chance to observe a service while running the computer. I personally did not find it appealing that they were wearing what looked like price tags. It was supposed to represent Jesus paying for our sins. There were a number of other things that had a materialistic bent.

Another aspect is that one is to identify with one’s group, and it gets a name and number. Some people go a number of times and move into leadership positions.

As for crossing oneself, some Lutherans also cross themselves. My son-in-law, who is Catholic, and i recently attended a game supper at a Baptist church and both crossed ourselves after the blessing of the food. No one said anything to us one way or another.

Since there is a Catholic walk, I would think it would make more sense to participate in it, but for one of a mature faith, there is no reason to totally reject the Emmaus walk.

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