Emmy - 2012

I made it through the first 25 mintues and turned it off.

I saw a totally (and I mean totally) naked girl sitting on the floor of a bathroom stall, eating a cake. She was shown twice. Then I heard a women, in her acceptance speech, mention nipple covers at least 3 times. She may have said it more, but after the 3rd time I turned it off.

Could someone please explain to me the signficance of the naked girl?

The media is part of our race to the bottom. My wife and I were originally against our kids speding too much time on the internet (with NetNanny), but now we’re praying that the growth of the internet and social media will wipe out TV and the liberal propaganda which is attempting to reduce people to acting on base instincts. I give them tactical credit for claiming the term “progressives,” because what they promote is more of a Regression to pleasure of the self.

The naked woman was Lena Dunham and everything I have read about it in the past little while has made it seem like she made such a bold and wonderful move by doing that. What a sad thing – to think that the media sees that as something that should be applauded and appreciated! :mad:

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