Emotional abuse help


hi I hope somebody can help me here . I was emotionally abused by friends and family when I was younger. I am now 28 years old . lacking self confidence and self doubt recently everything has come flooding back to me . I have become withdrawn from everything especially mass which is awful . Mass was a place I could go feel safe with god. any advice?


Please see a priest and mental health professional for help immediately. They’ll know what to do. We cannot help you. You have our prayers in what must be a very emotional and mentally draining situation. God Bless!


PLEASE talk to your Priest.


Don’t let yourself be enslaved by the past, or by the actions of other people. You are you, and you are in charge of you. Take charge of yourself and be the person you desire to be. You are the only one who can make it happen. And remember, the best revenge is living well.


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