Emotional Apathy in the way of discernment


I am usually emotionally apathetic and when I do have feelings, their typically very mild. In years past I felt I had a call to the religious life and felt it VERY strongly. I didn’t know about consecrated virginity back then. Now I’m discerning between religious life and consecrated virginity, but how am I supposed to know which I’m called to–and if to a religious community, which–when my feelings–when I even have them–are so mild? If it goes on that way much longer, would it be best to just go by what seems best on an intellectual level? I understand that consecrated virgins can enter religious communities.


If the feelings aren’t there, feel free to follow your mind!

Our mind (Neshamah) is supposed to be a higher function in our being than the heart or spirit (Ruach) anyways.

Ideally, we should make use of both. But if one is much stronger than the other, follow it, that’s what it is for, IMNAAHO!



Praying for you.


Feelings or emotions, I think, are a bit overrated, since they go away. Similar to that of many people in marriage.

What u need instead is to have to have a strong and firm desire to give yourself to the Lord, completely and fully, w/out holding anything back. That’s the only way people can make it in religious life. One shouldn’t be half-hearted about this.

I think one of the best things u can do for now, is to look at the skills and talents that God has blessed u with, and see how this can be best utilized in the service of the Church. I would look in particular to orders that also have a spirituality that u prefer.

Anyway, I would recommend getting (if u haven’t already) a spiritual director and talking this over with him.

God bless! :slight_smile:


I think you need to speak to your priest.
As he is given leadership of your parish, it s part of his ministry to advise.
God bless you.

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