Emotional protection

What are some good prayers or writings to protect myself from being to reactive to my emotions and not only avoiding acting upon them, but also avoiding dwelling too much upon them.

The best prayer for anything is the Rosary which is only second to the Holy Mass.
Start your rosary by petitioning for the graces you need, give thanks for what you have, and be contrite for your sins.
Then say the prayers of the rosary.
Try to meditate up on each Hail Mary bead.
*For the First three beads before the first decade:
Bead #1 Meditate Upon Faith
Bead #2 Meditate Upon Hope
Bead #3 Meditate Upon Love
*^^^This is a method I use. I do not see any harm in it but it might not be necessary.
For each decade be sure to meditate upon a certain mystery using one of the sets of mysteries.
Also, have a petition before each decade as well to go along with the mystery.

If you have any more interest in the Rosary I would recommend the Pocket Rosary Guide by Matt Fradd and the Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort. The rosary is one of the most powerful tools God has given us to trust Him, receive His grace, and conquer sin.

Hope this helps!

Litany of Humility.

I find The Memorare a very effective prayer for immediate needs. Look up Mother Teresa’s “flying novena.”

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The Jesus prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Try breathing in deeply up to “Son of God,” and then exhaling slowly and completely through “a sinner.”

You can use any sort of Rosary or Chaplet. Roll the bead between your fingers as you pray the prayer over and over - using the deep breathing to calm yourself down. Then go on to the next bead/knot and repeat.

May the Lord shower you with peace,
Deacon Christopher

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Pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of self-restraint.

St Francis de Sales explains this in the Introduction to the Devout Life.

First, examine your conscience in the evening. Consider where things went wrong. Consider how you could have acted differently.

In the morning, do some spiritual reading. What is the message for you for the day? Consider how to live put that message during the course of the day. Are you inspired to be kind to others? How will you do that? How will that happen with the one particular person who really gets on your nerves? What will you do instead?

To change in this way requires God’s help and our practicing, maybe that’s why it’s called “the practice of the faith” :wink:

We will fail, sometimes frequently. We just have to keep getting up and trying again.

I recently heard some advice that if you feel down you ought to ask a or some holy people to pray for you. This coincides with St Francis de sales who said to keep company with good people if you want to advance in holiness. So as well as these prayers you seek which are great, also seek to keep good companions and ask them to pray for you when you feel tempted or desolate or down in any way, you don’t have to say why, good Christians/friends will pray willingly for you. God bless

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