Empire State Building Stands Firm in Mother Teresa Ruling


On its website, the building’s management reiterated its policy not to honor religious or political figures, saying, “The Empire State Building’s tower lights recognize key milestones, events, charitable organizations, countries and holidays throughout the world, not political or religion related events.”

…Ken Bronstein, president of New York Atheists, said that policy or no policy, Mother Teresa is not worth honoring. “I don’t think you should recognize an individual where most of the monies donated to her went to the Vatican," he said. "It was a big cover-up her whole life.”

So one of the our times most charitable people, undeniable the kindest, most loving person on earth is not worth honoring.

I wonder what Mr. Bronstein has done in his life.

probably nothing more than perpetuate the lie of atheism.

The Empire State Building officials may refuse to honor her but the city of New York will honor her. :thumbsup:

What makes you think that he is an atheist? He may be an observant Jew and no atheist in any way. :frowning:

Create crazy conspiracies swirling around that most evil organization, the Vatican, so that his dead soul can find occasion to scoff and increase its own feeling of self importance, apparently. How hateful it is for such people to honor someone other than themselves!

I suppose he says it since he is the president of NY atheist.

i have put in bold the relevant portion. i would recommend reading previous posts rather than making erroneous statements

I would recommend your notiing that I made no erroneous statement, but rather asked a question, and suggested that he may be an observant Jew. I didn’t notice the description of Bronstein, so he proved not to be a believer as you said, but he has nothing to do with the building management’s decision in any case.

How can you ask an erroneous question, BTW?

In any case, Mother Teresa is well enough respected and loved that she hardly needs to be put up in lights on 5th Avenue and 34th Street to have her magnificent reputation for charity and aid to the poorest of the poor upheld in the world.

I can understand Phil Donahue’s point but by the same token this is a privately owned building. The owner has the right to honor whom he chooses.

I thoght souls were immortal?

Souls are immortal in that they can never cease to exist; but a soul is considered “dead” when it rejects God and festers in its own sin. As the Baltimore Catechism states,

Q. 141. Why then do we say a soul is dead while in a state of mortal sin?

A. We say a soul is dead while in a state of mortal sin, because in that state it is as helpless as a dead body, and can merit nothing for itself.

If we were to consider a soul as “living” merely because it can never die, then even the demons and souls of the damned have everlasting life. However, due to its state, they exist in a state of eternal or perpetual death, while never ceasing to exist. Those who reject God and are hostile to all things sacred imitate these damned souls, and bring forth their putrid fruit.

So, if I have a soul…it’s dead? Interesting. Thanks letting me know. :slight_smile:

Agreed. It’s a sad comment on our world today. Mother Teresa’s shining goodness is given a back seat to the empty, worthless notions of Mr. Bronstein.

If you reject God and willingly engage in those things that are contrary to him, then most certainly. The same goes for any of us: if I reject the source of Life by my thoughts, words, and actions, then I will have no life within me. If I do evil, then I will instill evil within myself; and, vice compounding upon vice, there will no longer be any sanctifying grace within my soul to keep it living within the author of Life.

Such individuals as have a visceral hatred or contempt for all things sacred are assuredly aligning themselves with those who are spiritually dead; they approve of what is sinful, and reject any who lead a life of purity because they can’t stand the one who is Pure. That explains the irrational trends of the culture of death in our society, and why Mao’s revolution that left tens of millions of people dead can be publicly honored, while the efforts of Mother Teresa are pushed aside and treated with contempt.

I’ve heard it said that colored lights on a building are unimportant and trivial. That is true: they are a little matter. But when showing honor to Mother Teresa in even so light a way is rejected, and she is mocked as being a “fraud” by atheist propagandists, this shows the irrational depths of hatred and contempt that they have for what she stands for and, in turn, what the Catholic Church is. Thus are the ways of anti-Catholicism in a culture that is collapsing from the weight of its collective sins.

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