Employers that offer benefits for part time work?


My baby is 5 weeks old, and I will have to go back to work when my maternity leave is up unless I can find something else. DH is in school right now, so I need to provide the income. I was wondering if any of you knew of companies that offer health insurance benefits for part time workers? I would love it if DH and I could both just get part time jobs so I could have more time with the little one, but we need health insurance. I heard Costco does. Are there any others that you know of? Thanks!


What part of country do you live in?..I work part time and my company has health insurance for part timers…it’s a big company in new york…


I live in Houston, TX.


The State of Texas used to offer some PT employees health care, but it depends on the number of hours worked and I believe that they had to contribute toward their premiums even if they didn’t want to cover dependents. Before both parents go PT, remember that a PT position can be less secure from layoffs than a FT one at times due to seniority rules.


Though it has been a few years since I worked for Starbucks, when I did work for them, as long as you worked for 20 hours a week, you were eligable for health insurance and other benefits (such as 401k’s and stock options) after 2 or 3 months of being employed.


Sorry, I know this company is only in new york…


Starbucks takes the cake for benefits on a part time basis, at 20 hours you get medical and dental and hopefully a flexible work schedule.

Banks are another great place for part time with benefits and you can call any of them and ask for their overnight processing areas and get more information that way.

Another option is to go through a 3-6 month pharmacy technician course and do that, as there are many 24 hour pharmacies open and it provides great timing when the babies/kids go down to bed and you put in 4-5 hours a night, you strive for sleep time, but it is worthwhile.

Hope this helps!
God Bless!



I received benefits when I worked for a hospital part time.


I would bet this will be harder and harder to find with the economy going the way it is. Employers can’t afford to offer costly benefits for only part time workers. :shrug:

But good luck though. Definitely look into Starbucks.


Asurion offers benefits for employees that work as little as 32 hours. You can also work from home after six months of employment if you are meeting goals. I hear they have a really nice call center in Houston. Congratulations on the new baby! :smiley:



Congrats on the new baby!


I’m in a similar situation, with DH going to school and me needing to find a job, mostly for the benefits! At this point, we’re opting to pay out of pocket for his university’s health plan for both of us. I’m COBRA eligible from my old job, but covering both of us under a pretty good plan (no copays if you go to the university hospital for routine medical stuff!) is going to cost $1600 through the end of the year–better price than COBRA, and better coverage than any “catastrophic” stuff you can get online. That might be something worth looking into…

As for your question in the OP–look into the banking field. I worked for Wells Fargo, which I know has a presence in TX, and they offered the same benefits to part-time employees, you’d just have to pay a little more for them. I think most banks would offer similar benefits, and branches are pretty much always hiring tellers. It’s not a glamorous job, but if you’re responsible, trustworthy, meticulous, and OK with trying to sell people bank products, it’s not bad. Most of the people I worked with were younger and had families, and PT positions as few as 20 hours/week are often posted online…


Most of the hospitals I have worked for provide benefits to employees who work 24 hours a week. You just have to pay a little more for it than a full-timer would.


I work for a Wachovia (a bank, that Wells Fargo just bought), and they have a call center in Texas, I think. And they have a really good health care plan that all employees are eligible for. I know one of my teammates works two days a week, and has all the benefits I have (Paid time Off, insurance, etc.).


I just remembered… if you don’t mind physical labor, UPS has part time package sorting jobs that offer benefits.

They are EXTREMELY hard to get though. I have been trying to find an opening just to apply to for over a year! :frowning:


Walmart offers medical and retirement benefits to part time employees.


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