Employers to offer paid sick days


I think it’s a great thing.
What I disagree with in the article, is that employers (depending on the size of course) would have to make up the cost of the sick days elsewhere, by maybe shifting around healthcare resources. I don’t buy it. Unless you are a 20 person operation, and you’re operating very lean-- companies should offer this to their employees.


It’s good to have sick days available to use. Of course, they can also be abused. Having worked in the bureaucracy, I noted that there were some who treated sick days as simply extra vacation days, and never allowed any sick days to go unused.

Since we have been married, DH has worked in a job that didn’t provide paid sick days. I can’t tell you the panic I would feel every time it even remotely looked like DH was getting sick. Luckily, he doesn’t get very sick often. But he has had some issues with his back that caused him to miss work and it would take us MONTHS to get caught up from the lost income. Talk about panic. :frowning:

Thank the good Lord, now DH is a manager on salary so it’s no longer an issue. I really hope this gets passed for the sake of other working families in the same position. It’s NOT a fun place to be.

No kidding!

For a while the guys where my husband worked would plan who would call in sick & when because calling in sick meant that someone else, also planned, would get called in and get time and a half or even double time depending on the day. It used to make me so angry – it was nothing but robbing the company. Not to mention the fact that without some sick days in the bank a bout of influenza could mean a week without pay – but no, all they could see was the almighty buck, not the big picture.

The majority of jobs in the US are with small employers. Most small employers must operate very lean to survive. This puts a large strain on the entire business when one employee is absent. As a small employer I try to make allowances for my employees to take time off.

Unfortunately the risk we run is to have the government dictate what I must pay for. This would force me to give paid time off for both the conscientious employees as well as those who would abuse it.

That’s an interesting comment. I don’t think you should be forced, but if in good faith, you can take care of people when they are sick…who are employees…that is a good thing. :slight_smile:

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