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[size=][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][size=]I’m getting ready to fill out a job application. The application says to list your employment history and begin with the most recent employer. No problem. But the job I had right before the most recent one was very short lived (I quit after only 2 months due to severe stress.) After I quit, the same employer hired me for another position, which I did successfully for ten years. The two positions before the short-lived position, I was also very successful at. All four of these jobs were for the same employer. My question is, can I just leave out the short-lived position, as long as I tell the truth if it comes up in conversation? Or am I obligated to list my most recent three positions? It just says to list your employment history and begin with the most recent employer. Then it gives three blanks. Also, the job I quit is not something I want to list on my resume either. Is that okay?[/size][/FONT][/size]


If it was all with the same employer, why the differences? It's best to be honest.


The job I am applying for is a paraprofessional. The short-term job was for classroom teacher in an area I was not certified to teach in (they knew this) and it turned out to be way more stress than I could handle and for my family too. The two jobs before that were as paraprofessionals, and I think the paraprofessional jobs are important to list, but there are only three blanks. I could list the paraprofessional jobs and then for "reason left" put that I left the one paraprofessional job in order to take another job that was short-lived and will explain if asked. Would that cover it?


Never mind. I think I should leave it off my resume but put it on my application and tell the truth. I just have to think of a way to say it? How do I say my anxiety was through the roof and my family was suffering because of it? In a way that won’t cause me to be overlooked completely for a job I really need?


If it asks you to list employers, just list the one employer, then under “job duties” you can list the duties you performed in all 4 positions.
I would not discuss your anxiety on your application. What does that have to do with your competence for the job you are applying for? It was a short-lived episode which is over now. I would not talk about it any more than you might talk about having broken your leg in the past and recovered.
The idea of the application is to present yourself in a positive light, with optimism that you will be able to meet the demands of your new employer.
If they ask you, in the interview, to describe your worst trait, for example, it’s recommended that you talk about something that is actually a value: for example, “I tend to stick with something until I finish it, so sometimes people consider me stubborn.” Or "I don’t engage in office gossip, so some people think I’m unfriendly."
Good luck!


To be more specific the jobs were all with the same employer but each position was at a different location with different supervisors that must be listed.


Or could I say where it lists “reason for leaving” job number three, “Left to take another position that was short-lived–will explain if asked.”??


leave off the “will explain if asked” you are prompting them to ask. :slight_smile:


I worked with a company for several years under several different capacities in different locations. I have ALWAYS put the company and my last supervisor in my applications, and it has never been a problem. Instead of your exact titles, just put in a title or titles that summarize what you did (i.e. Manager) and/or just put in your last two or three highest titles (i.e. Manager/VP). I would advise you to pick up the series called “Knock 'Em Dead” It addresses all sorts of job application challenges. You may want to take a look at the series on Amazon.com. I hope this helps. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless!


Veronica97 :hug1: Good luck in your job search. My prayers are added for you to find a job that fills your needs.


unless you had some significant breaks between the positions with the same employer, you have only worked for one employer. Not four.

You want to be honest in an application. that does not mean that you are supposed to paint yourself in a bad light.

The two month stint may have been extremely stressful. All you may need to say is that it did not fit well if you need to say anything at all; if they ask you you still don't need to say you were extremely stressed; all you need to say is that the job really did not fit your talents, and the company put you into another position that worked out far better for both you and the company,

And if you did not have significant breaks between positions, then all you need to say is that you worked for XYZ from xxx date to yyy date, and held these positions of a, b, c and d.

None of that is dishonest; you seem to have had a very good work record with th4e company, and I would expect they would give you a very good reference for all the time you spent and all you did. I would be extremely surprised if they ever mentioned your two month stint.

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