Employment ideas needed


I need a job and I cant find one I am a senior in High School and probably will join the 2008 postulency class for the Conventual Franciscans (God willing) but before that I have to provide for my family because my mother cant work right now as well as I need to start saving for Collage.

peace and blessings


In my opinion a senior in high school should first be focusing on his studies to ensure good grades no matter what your future entails…

After that, an after-school job can be pursued… but should not be the priority over school.
There are tons of jobs that a high school senior can do after school… from tutoring other students, to running the register at the grocery store, etc, etc… options like this are available in EVERY little town…

Good luck and God bless you as you pursue your vocation.


You need something that will take a high school student, which has benefits, and which can provide a decent living wage. I would recommend checking out jobs at fast food restaurants like Wendy’s or your local grocery stores. You can start in a week and make decent money between now and August. By the time summer comes, you can work full time and be promoted to management.


Check out this website–it has good job advice on resumes, interviews, etc. as well as job listings by area.


Good luck and God bless! :slight_smile:



I have two teen-agers, and I know how hard it can be to get a job at your age. You can put in applications lots of places, but you need something to give you an edge. Probably, you need to know someone or have a special skill.

Do you have friends at your school that have jobs? Can they help “get you in” where they work? Can you work on a special skill like becoming a lifeguard or pursuing A+ certification for computer repair? Do you have family members who know people that make hiring decisions for local businesses. These are the techniques that we have used in the past to help my sons get jobs. When they just filled out applications, nothing ever happens because there are tons of candidates.

Good luck,


bless you for wanting to take care of your family!

I will pray that you find suitable work.


Hi there
I remember about 10 years ago what it was like to look for a job as a senior in high school. Do you have any friends who work anywhere that is decent? I got my first job through a friend who brought me in to meet the manager and I asked if I could work there too and I did.

Do you have a resumé prepared? Have you done any volunteer work or babysitting or snow shovelling or the like? If you haven’t had a job before, you will have to start somewhere.

What kind of jobs are you interested in?

I am also sorry to hear you need to help your mother out. Prayers for you and also your period of discernment.


Talk to your counselor and see if there is any help there.

I gotta think that there are jobs at and around the Springfield Mall.

(I was going to jokingly suggest you could spread salt and sand on the MIxing Bowl ramps during snowstorms, but that wouldn’t help during summer would it?:rolleyes: )


me too.


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