Employment ideas while pregnant


Someone was asking a few months ago if anyone had any ideas of where to look for work while in their first trimester of pregnancy.

I was in a maternity store this weekend and the lady working there was pregnant. I thought " hey! I bet the owner would have no problems hiring a pregnant lady!" So how about that?

Then you could also qualify for maternity leave after you put some work in. (depending on your jurisdiction)

Any other ideas?


I have a full time job right now but have always thought that it would be great to work somewhere like Babies R Us because of the discount. You’d get to see everything that was available and all the clearance stuff as well. I don’t know what kind of discount you’d get but I just thought that would help out so much with all the stuff most people need for a baby.

Other than that, I would think a job that doesn’t require standing all day (exact opposite of what I just suggested :rolleyes: ) only becuase I find that when I’m pregnant I am very very tired and fatigued easily in those first few months.


I would agree not to get a job that requires lots of standing or running around. I had a job where I did just that. I worked at a fast food restuarant. After a real real busy day where I couldn’t take a much needed brake I found out I was going into preterm labor at 27 1/2 weeks. To make this story shorter - I delivered after a long hospital stay - at exactly 31 weeks. Be careful mommies! I’m not sure that would happen to everyone in that situation but it is likely.


Oh wow… I did read somewhere that you are at an increased risk of premature birth if you work overnight work, shift work and on your feet a lot. Makes sense.


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