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Hello all,
I ask for prayers for my wife (Theresa) and her employment prospect. She is trying for a job with FEMA. She has been a saint putting up with me as a SAHM working on her degree’s, mostly online. It has been a long process for her as she has been raising four children with me. Thank you, Tim


You’ve got them!


what a great testimony…I’m praying for you all.




You both have my prayers! :gopray:


I will pray for your wife.


I’ll be praying for her. :gopray2:


Thank you all very much. I’ll let you know how it works out. We said the Rosary last night together because of this so something good has already come from it. Tim


May your wife be blessed with employment that will both fulfill her and be a help to your family. May she be held up by angels wings to ascend right where God needs her to be. Peace to both of you.


Raising four kids is good training for FEMA related chaos - she certainly knows all about destruction and disaster areas (smile).
May you both be blessed with great opportunities soon.


Dear Top…Praise and thanksgiving for blessings already received. Keeping Theresa in prayer for a job with FEMA - may The Lord bless with Peace and Joy you, Theresa and the children…and grant Theresa the job with FEMA…Barb




Update::slight_smile: My wife Theresa, was called for an interveiw with FEMA. She is scheduled this wednesday for her first interveiw. They will grade it and hopefully she will be in the “pipeline”. This is an awesome opportunity for us with much needed benefits. This prayer forum has been a gift with all of your prayers for us. We just don’t know alot of people and it is a needed link with a part of the Church we would otherwise never know til heaven, God bless you all, Tim


Good news Tim! Will keep it in my intentions tonight that Theresa will get this position.
CAF is a great blessing - a gift - to me too. Without it I would be alone in Faith in a human sense. Deo Gratius!

:signofcross: …Barb


Keep us informed !! Praying for you now!!


Praying hard for you and your wife and kids.



Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.

May God bless your family!!


These prayers where answered and my wife was accepted for the job. She just has to do the background check which she already has from another position. Thank you all who prayed and thank you St. Therese for your intervention. Thanks be to God, Tim




Great news…giving thanks…

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