Empty Nestors


I thought it might be fun and helpfull to have a thread about becoming an empty nestor. My two kids recently moved out for college and work. I never thought I’d mind it, but now that it’s here…it’s kind of sad. Although, having items remain where I left them and having one third the laundry has really helped! :smiley:


we had it all happen in one year, one got married, one went away to college, one got a place with a group of other girls from school, the married one moved out to their own apartment. They stripped us of everything–furniture, linens, kitchen items, dishes even Christmas ornaments. We sold the big house, bought a mobile home and 5 years later moved to Texas.

“But, it only has 2 bedrooms and one is dad’s office, where is my room going to be?”
“You don’t have a room any more, you moved out, come and pick up the rest of your stuff.”
“Yeah but, where will I sleep when I come home?”
“On the couch or at the Super 8"
Yeah, but what about my stuff?”
“Come and get it by Saturday or it is going to Goodwill.”
“Yeah, but, where is my room? I don’t have a room?”

Yes there is life after teenagers.


Very Funny…my Daughter has been “borrowing” my pots and pans…I’ve wanted a new set for years, I guess it’s time.


We are about to enter this as well. Our youngest will be heading to college this August. (About 40 minutes away.) I’m having somewhat of a hard time with it. When he wakes up cranky in the morning my husband looks at me and says “you’re going to miss that why?” Our oldest has a house about 20 minutes away, the next two just into town where we live. So no one is far away. That will help. Life will be different.


My Daughter goes to College in MN and we live in RI, so there are no quick trips or weekends at home :frowning: …but…I do remember the summer before she left, that she was pretty cranky. I think it’s God’s way of helping us seperate a little. I was almost glad to see her go, but after we got home from helping her move and settle in I had the worst case of “reverse” home sickness!!! I missed her terribly. I just kept reminding myself that it was what she wanted, and it’s the way it needs to be, all kids need to grow up and leave the nest. I’d rather have the sadness for a little bit then a 35 year old living on my couch!!! :eek:


I am trying to imagine life without all my teenagers. Our oldest one is grown and married with a son of his own, but the others are still at home. Somehow I really doubt that I will have “empty-nest syndrome”…I am looking forward to having the house to ourselves. But maybe later I’ll feel differently.


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