Encounters with Jesus


Of course we believe that we have an encounters with Jesus in the sacraments. But where else in our daily lives do we encounter Jesus.

I believe I encounter him in an old friend who is 85, recently lost his wife and is battling with cancer. His resilience, faith and peace seem like something mystical to me.

How about you.


In prayer and meditation. A sense of his presence that brings peace to my soul.


I think He is always present. Always close to us. We are the ones who have to be present for Him.


How do you become present to him?


In silence. Getting rid of distractions. It’s like talking to a friend. If your friend talks to you but your thoughts are somewhere else you won’t even know he is there.


In all honesty - every day - if - you’re that attuned -
Everywhere - in life around us -
When I consider GOD - and his constant absolute awareness -
it’s overwhelming -
The world - is quite the magnificent place.

But you do also have death and suffering and struggle.
If you’re following - your personal calling - it’s always eye opening.


A wise priest once told me, “God comes to you disguised as your own life.”

  • Christ is all about us, in people we interact with.

  • Jesus is the King of the Universe - He is present in the beauty of the natural world.

  • He is present to you through members of this forum.

The more we grow in our interior (spiritual) lives, the easier it is to see Him all around us.

Jesus is our Lord and God and Savior. And he loves that you seek Him.

Feed your interior life with Scripture and Sacraments.

God bless,
Deacon Christopher


Some might view that as pantheistic but I like it. It can be understood as God’s will unfolding all around us,reaching to us in our outer and inner lives.

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