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Hi Everyone! I'm a homeschooling mom to 5 children (maybe 6 children, I'm not sure yet). :) Our children are such incredible blessings and we are thankful for each and every one. BUT. Sometimes, particularly after being up all night with a sick baby or having a rough period of homeschooling I wish there were a place I could turn for encouragement. It would be a great to be reminded why we're doing this. Is there a book, a website, even an annual conference you can recommend parents go to to find "refreshment"?


I think googling something along the lines of "problems with public schools" should make it pretty clear you are doing the right thing by homeschooling your children!
If you are looking for encouragement, you might also try looking for local groups of homeschooling families in your area. Talking to other parents who have the same joys and struggles you do would help.


4real.thenetsmith.com/ is a Catholic homeschooling forum. It's a great place for ideas, advice, and encouragement.


Is there a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group near you? As long as you have one child under school age you can still belong. It usually meets twice a month, with a moms and kids going to separate areas. The kids have a great program staffed by volunteers, usually grandma type people, and the moms have a chance to be with other moms and have a snack, listen to a speaker, and work on a craft. The speakers range from how to strengthen your marriage to how to organize your closets.

I graduated out when my youngest entered kindergarten, but I loved my MOPS days, and have kept in contact with some of the women I met there.


Moms? what about stay at home dads?


By the way, there are actual online sites for people to get the cirriculum there through private (catholic) online schooling :)

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