Encouragement is key to foster Priestly vocations

As usual, CARA focused on social type factors, and not much doctrinal.

Encouragement is important: a boy who already thinks priesthood is important benefits from personal invitation.
But why should Catholics think priesthood is important?

In recent years religion programs de emphasized the supernatural. Priesthood was described as social work. The Mass was taught as the coming together of the community. The Eucharist was regarded as mostly symbolic, a sign of social unity, solidarity with all peoples. Confession was taught not as seeking absolution for sins, but reconciliation with community.

In some parishes, priests themselves lived up to, or down to, those expectations. Liturgical abuses implied the Whole Community really celebrates Mass, the priest is just a presider, or maybe just an official “witness”, like a Notary.

Home schooling produces vocations as they bypass catechetical, and some times liturgical abuses.

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