Encouraging news for struggling parents


St. Monica has worked very quickly for me and I wanted to share. Our oldest son, the second of six children, gave us many problems over the past year. I won’t go into details, I’ll just say I have a LOT more grey hair now than last year! He’s 18, moved out last summer, decided against college, and is now living many, many miles away from home. I have prayed so hard for this young man. He was always bright, a hard worker, polite. That all changed when he got into a bad group of friends, got into trouble, and we had our hands full. To make a long story short, he got a good job, is happy and doing well, and WANTS TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! He has turned himself around and sounds like his old self again. I am so happy, I just had to tell this story. I am truly thankful!


Actually, though St. Monica may be helping, you taught your son well, he is coming back to his “roots”. Congratulations!!

Love and peace, Mom of 5


Thank you, Mom of 5. It was so hard when he seemed to be rejecting everything we taught him. And I’m sure that things aren’t perfect with him yet, but I’m just so happy that he is turning back to the way we brought him up. The whole experience has taught me that no matter how hard we work to bring up our kids the right way, the Catholic way, they still have that darn free will that allows them to choose which direction to go. I have exercised my free will in ways that aren’t pleasing to God and I guess my kids will too. By the way, I’m a mom of 6. Being a parent is the toughest but most rewarding job in the world. God bless!


Congratulations!!! I am SOOO happy for you! Thank you for sharing your story because it’s these stories that give people hope :slight_smile: and perserverence in prayer :).


You are welcome! I have had people from this forum advise me on how to handle this situation, and they also prayed for us. I wanted to let people know that it seems to be working out and I’m very thankful!


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