Encyclical on Mary Magdalene?



I’ve read “Secrets of the Code”, where it is mentioned the church’s correction about Mary Magdalene as not being a prostitute, but there is an obscure reference in the text to “the proverbial page 28 of the third section”, where from the correction was supposedly moved by The Da Vinci Code “on to the front page of the public consciousness”.

I would like to know if that proverbial page refers to a papal encyclical? If so, which one?




Hmmm, I have no idea. There’s a section on her in John Paul II’s encyclical on the dignity of women, but it doesn’t say anything about her being a prostitute or not. See here:



This is a book full of heretical nonsense.

Well, since the Church never taught St. Mary Magdalen was a prostitute, it had no need to “correct” any teaching.

Here is a great article on Mary, from the Old Catholic Encyclopedia (circa 1910) and as you can see, no mention of prostitution.


There have been associations of Mary Magdalen with the woman caught in adultery in John’s Gospel, which may be the root of the idea of a prostitute-- but that is not found in Catholic teaching anywhere.

There is no papal encyclical on Mary Magdalen.


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