End of school year gifts for students


I want to give my 6th graders and end of school year gift. There are 24 of them; it can’t cost too much. School ends next week, so I don’t have much time, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have your kids ever gotten a memorable gift from a teacher? If so, what?


a candy basket or something… 6th graders seem pretty simple to me so i think they might apprieciate something:D:shrug:

Have your kids ever gotten a memorable gift from a teacher? If so, what?

well when i was a junior there was a leaf on the window of my religion classroom and it was bothering me so i got up and opend the window and peeled it off of the outside and threw it away, and ath the end of the year my religion teacher gives me a framed picture of a bunch of leaves :rotfl:


If you are talking about kids in a Catholic school or CCD program, www.autom.com has a lot of inexpensive religious trinkets like little book marks, pins, and things.

They ship pretty quickly.


I bought 24 beach balls at the dollar store. I'm going to have the kids sign each other's beach balls on the last day. :p

Many of them have pools and/ or go to the ocean for vacation. Hopefully when they use the beach balls, they will think of 6th grade year.


If you have time, I think it would be great to make bookmarks for each child, with a positive message from you about what you will remember about them! I remember the teachers who encouraged me the most, so I think something like:

“Amy - You are so funny and always made me smile.”

“Noah - You are so smart, it was a pleasure to teach you.”

“Daniel - You are a great friend, I will always remember your kindness to others”

And sign your name and the date, and laminate them.

I think you could come up with a good quality for each and every one – even the “problem” children! I’ll bet they would all keep them forever!


If you are still considering gifts for kids, chinajewelrywholesale.com has a lot of pretty fashion jewelry, like wooden bracelets with Jesus image on them.


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