End of the world, a good thing?

I’m not sure where to put this, but since it involves Protestant Fundamentalist I put it here.

I think their are many people who want to foment war between Christians and Muslims due to their interpretation of biblical prophecy which they seem to interpret as literal Jean Dixon fortune prediction.

So they make videos making fun of Islam and Mohammed to try to get the ball rolling and start the war they think will lead to the end. That is a real possibility with most of the world and all the major powers with nuclear arsenals that would assure the end.

Why do many see the end of the world as a positive? I certainly do not.

Believe me, I feel the same way. My own suspicions are that these people are desperate to get to heaven. It’s like a twisted, religious version of wanting suicide that spans an entire universe.

Heck, whenever end-times enthusiasts like to point the ‘signs of the times’, I do everything I can to actually SOLVE that problem.

“The economy is collapsing! Praise the Lord! Jesus is coming! Quick! Pull your kids out of school and stop caring about money! Jesus is coming! Hooray!”

Yeah, sure. Instead of trying to do be a contributing member of society to avoid economic disaster, you hasten it with tax evasion and then joblessness justified by religion.

I certainly look forward to the return of Christ, however, anyone with a grain of sense ought to know that He will return in His time and not ours. If there are people doing this, they are commiting a terrible sin. It’s hard to imagine anyone could be so foolish.

I cannot help to notice all of the skeptics about December 21st 2012. First I hear about aliens coming back, then a planet called nibiru, to earthquakes, to solar flares.

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We should not long for chaos and destruction; if nothing else, how do we know that we are worthy to be saved? And what about everybody else?

However, we should long to see our LORD’s return, as only then, can Life Everlasting begin.

The prOblem is that both go together!


An even greater dilemma is that in order to go to heaven, the Church calls us to live lives focused on the great and common good.

Rather contrary to the image of end-timers who celebrate hastening it or just standing by and letting it happen.

[quote=mariaodinez] I cannot help to notice all of the skeptics about December 21st 2012. First I hear about aliens coming back, then a planet called nibiru, to earthquakes, to solar flares.

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You know I never took that whole Mayan calendar 2012 thing seriously.

Then Dick Clark died. In 2012.


(runs around screaming)

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I just had to comment on this one! Another big LOL.The truth of the matter is:

Glory be to the Father,and to the Son,and to the Holy Spirit
As is was in the beginning,is now,and ever shall be

Certainly it’s positive, what will happen later on with GOD certainly is a billion times better than this earth, turn on the news and see the miserable life most people around the world are facing nowadays…

The price of this world ruling must come to an end.

I see nothing wrong with desiring the end. I do see something wrong with bringing it about. It is the devil that brings about the tribulation in the end. Yes, the Church teaches to desire the common good, but we are also called to desire heavenly things above earthly things. The greatest thing is to live with God, and that can only come if the end comes. So desiring the end seems reasonable. Doing evil to bring it about is wrong, but there is nothing wrong with desiring the Lord to hasten His coming.

You know, I’ve done some reading on this. Originally the end of the world was supposed to be the blessed hope, but artists started using terrifying imagery so now people see it as something awful. If you cling to sin, you have something to fear. But otherwise it would be wonderful for our redemption to be fulfilled finally.

Uh, no. You wanna know the real cause of all this mess: It’s people. Ultimately, we only have ourselves to blame.

You don’t make that problem worse by wanting all life to end. That’s not how a Catholic thinks.

That’s how a suicidal person thinks.

What you’re missing is the fact that the common good runs counter to the desire of wishing the world to end faster.

The end of the world brings punishment for the wicked and rest for the righteous, so it is the best common good there is. Good will triumph over evil on that day.

You forget that all life does not end by the EOTW, rather life eternal begins.

In any case, to desire the coming of ICXC is natural and scriptural, as opposed to the expectation of doom and destruction associated with the “survival” crowd, among others.


World without end, amen?

It’s not that the world is going to end, but that it’s going to be re-made, much better, without all the problems caused by the Fall. I’m not worried about when, that’s on God’s timetable. He’s got it all under control.

The end of time doesn’t mean the end of life. It means the begining of everlasting life. What is more, it is the greatest good that could even happen. All Christians are called to await the return of Jesus.

To ages of ages, amen.

If anyone has seen or read the sensationalistic picture of the EOTW in Jehova Witness or Seventh Day Adventist liturature they would be terrified.

When I was small we had a series of “bible story” books published the the SDAs, it was left in pediatritions offfices even tho were weren’t SDAs.

To this day I am terrified by the pictures which are engraved in my memory.

Were those the slender “Bible Story” books with blue covers?

Yes there were about 7 volumes, they were lavishly illustrated. They seemed to pay special attention to SDAs particular teachings the book of Daniel and the apochalypse or revelation.

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