End of the World

I just read on the New Theological Movement that Jesus did know when
He’d return, since He is God. So, when He says in Mark that no one knows
does that also mean that we cant know by NT Scripture,
which wasnt written yet, when He said that?

I mean, if Jesus didn’t know when He’d return, I could see how WE wouldn’t know but He did know…so is there any way we could know when the end of the world will be or is it still unknown to us?

We could only know this if God revealed it to us. Short of noticing a moon-sized asteroid hurtling straight at us, we otherwise have no way to know.

Of course, there have been many people throughout history who claim that God has revealed it to us (usually within the books of Daniel and Revelation), but in some obscure fashion that we would eventually figure out and make known to others.

Recently, as you probably recall, Harold Camping made such a claim (twice), and was proven false.

Edgar Whisenant wrote a book in 1988 titled, 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988. When 1988 passed, he went on to make a half dozen more failed predictions (next book: Living on Borrowed Time).

In the 1840’s, William Miller made several failed predictions which were contorted into what is now known as the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Even Martin Luther chimed in in the early 1500’s, but without quite as much precision:

For my part, I am sure that the Day of Judgement is just around the corner. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know the precise day… perhaps someone else can figure it out. But it is certain that time is now at an end.

One thing that seems common to all “end of the world” predictions is that the end is always imminent. I’ve never heard of anyone who “read the signs” and “did the math” and concluded that the world would end in the year 6250. It seems these guys all start with the assumption that the end is near and then try to fit the data to support their preconceived idea.

People have been diligently “reading the signs” and “doing the math” for 2000 years, and nobody has gotten it right. To me, that’s a pretty strong indication that God has not actually revealed this to us, in any way.

Oh, I forgot the Mayan long-count Calendar - the world was supposed to end on Dec 21, 2012.

Many people understand it as Jesus speaking about His human nature, which is limited, verses His divine nature which is not.

As a baby, He didn’t know how to speak, talk, walk, etc. His human nature had to learn these things. Similar to this, He is speaking of human nature verses divine.

So even Scripture doesnt reveal it to us?

We have some friends, former Catholics, who go to a non denominational church that believes the end is “imminent.” They used to try to get us to visit their church and talked about religion some but have finally stopped doing that.

Scratch that, I missed your last sentence when I posted the question.

Try the blog New Theological Movement and do a search for the apocalypse. You should find an article called, “Did Jesus know the day and hour of the Apocalypse?”

I think the whole point is that we should live our lives every day in a way that we are ready to “meet our maker.” Whether it is the end of the world or the unexpected end of our own life.

For every one of us, the “end is near” - at least for us. I’ve surely lived more than half of my life, and my life may be required of me this very night (Luke 20:20).

I think it is far more likely that my life will end before the world does.

But we can’t know when the end of the world is though, right? Not even through Scripture?

No. But anyone is free to speculate.

I have “read the signs” and “done the math” and I think that the end of the world will come about in the the year 10191, when the known universe is ruled by the Padisha Emperor Shaddam-4.

No, but it doesn’t matter. Jesus told to always be ready.

Don’t let some of these websites scare you and be careful which websites you visit. It would be best to just take care of your life and be the person Jesus wants you to be and be happy.

It may be that Jesus did not know when the end would come like I don’t know what is the product of 74 and 19. I can’t give you the answer without consulting the mathematical part of my knowledge, and that would require some reflection, and a few seconds thought.

Jesus could consult the divine knowledge of all time, but he there was no need as he was speaking to people who had no need of this information.

There was no way to give a time for there was no universal calendar (years AD had not been invented yet, lunar and solar months had not been set, the Julian and Gregorian corrections to the calendar had not been made) So there was no terms available to even answer the question so it could be he did not know how to explain the date to those without a calendar.

If he new the end of the world was next Thursday, how could he answer except say, it will be on a Thursday. Could not say the month, nor the year, so he answer would be useless.

From what id read, Catholic teaching is that He did know.

Jesus did not end the discussion at that point though, he went on to give us signs to look for, so we would know when he is ‘at the door’. funny thing is, if you look at world events compared to these signs, its pretty clear to see the time is near, problem is, a large number of people today either dont want to believe these signs or they are scared.

Point is, Jesus gave us these signs intentionally, and for good reason, id say it probably not wise to start doubting the signs and whether Jesus sent them or not…this is the enemy sneaking in in my opinion.

The world will end on Jan 30, 2040 @ 20:35:17 EST. Give or take 25 yrs.

To answer your question seriously: no one knows the end. Those who claim to are either lying or misled.

The signs that will precede the end, however, are in Scripture, as well as in the writings of countless Catholic mystics. I am not too interested in most prophecies, though, as they are very difficult to interpret and/or put in chronological order.

What the mystics seem to agree on is that the coming of the anti-Christ will not be until after a great chastisement and a period of peace. The chastisement will be a work of God’s love; it will purify the earth.

Just as I said, I too know what 19x74 is, but I have to use additional aspects of my knowledge that I don’t keep at the forefront to access that information. Jesus Did know, but since we had no need of the knowledge and did not have the ability to understand a proper answer he had no way of communicating or desire to communicate the information.

If you ask me when does flow in a stream become turbulent, I can talk all about stable solution to fluid equations, bifurcation points, phase spaces, etc, but the answer I give will not answer your question, so I don’t know the answer in words that will give you the answer.

So Jesus could not give an answer that would be accurate in informative.

There are no signs. Saying the end is near is unfounded speculation. Nothing is happening these days that has not happened throughout the history of the Church, be it attacks against the Church, attacks against Christianity in general, natural disasters or whatever.

All we need to know is that Jesus told us to always be ready.

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