End of times, Difference between Catholics and Protestants?

On Sunday one of the Readings was Mark 13:24-32, that’s were Jesus tells his apostles the famous quote about the end of times, and he ends it by saying, 32 'But as for that day or hour, nobody knows it, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; no one but the Father. During the Priests sermon he talked about repenting, b/c we never know if we die tomorrow or if God will comeback tomorrow. He also said, be careful with those who try to predict when the world is going to end, only God our Father knows when that will hapen. His next statement was so so true, he said, “Brothers don’t start pointing at ppl and call them evil, or call a particular group the antichrist, b/c that’s not your job”.
Having said that, alot of us here at CAF are Catholics, and we have heard from Protestants, Catholicism led by the Pope is the Whore of Babylon, he’s the AntiChrist. Other Protestants leaders go as far to predict when the world is going to end.
Why do you believe if Protestants call themselves “Only Bible followers”, that they don’t take Mark’s 13:24-32 verse to heart. Why do you think they feel the neccesity to point out who they believe the Antichrict is, if its not their job to do so.
I believe alot of Protestants have this huge mark on the Catholic Church and they make us out to be the Devil, but they igore od’s Commandments which he left us, To leave one another like he loves us

There is no difinitive Protestant position on the end times
The rapture element is a relatively new movement. (19TH century)
But it has taken off in the last 50 years.
I think you will find traditional reformist groups are not unlike Catholics in their caution.

To say a lot of Protestants have a huge mark on the Catholic Church is a bit of a stretch. Maybe the ones you know. Most Protestants I know feel Catholics are just as much a Christian as we are. (To which, I agree. Catholics are Christians) There are “baptist” groups like the King James only, and the like who feel only they are true Christians. But, to be fair, there are several Catholics on this board who are very uncharitable towards Protestants, calling our churches “ecclesiastical communities” or saying that we believe in a “cesspool of heresy” If we truly are brothers and sisters in Christ, then we should treat each other as such.

And I agree with your comment, b/c if we don’t love each other like Jesus told us to do it, then were offending him

Batman, the reason they are called ecclesial communities is that there is only one Christian Church, the Church originated by Jesus Christ to which the Catholic Church lays claim. Christ started only one, not many. It is therefore just improper to refer to more than one “Christian Church” because there isn’t, regardless of what the members of that particular faith tradition wish to call themselves. So it isn’t a slam, its just correct. As for the “cesspool of heresy” remark, I had never heard that one before. Not cool. I would take offense as well. Did someone really say that on this forum?

The one thing I have always wondered when non-Catholics say the Pope is the Antichrist why would we have ever cannonized any scripture that said we are the bad guy seriously who would have joined our Church if we included that in our scripture no one would have become Catholic. Lets apply common sense and simple logic. My guess is they don’t know that the Holy Bible is actually a Catholic tradition. It’s no wonder why non-Catholics don’t also get the Eucharist if they are reading Revlation and understanding it to say the head of the Catholic Church is the Antichrist then they aren’t probably also understanding this whole supper of the lamb, hidden manna, the Holy, Holy, Holy - ever wonder why Catholics sing that? the souls that were martyered under altar - ever wonder why Catholics name their parishes after saints, that seven golden lampstand - how many candles are on each side of the tabernacle in a Catholic Church. The fact that John see someone reading to many who are listening do we not have a lector who reads sacred scripture to the euchristic assembly? John uses the word lamb over 25 times do we not chant Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world quite a few times?


SteveVH, I do see your POV, however, I still find that to be an offensive statement. As for the cesspool of heresey, it was guanophore on a different thread:

Originally Posted by Jordan Rizk
I only know a few.
No saints
Marian Apparitions satanic
Graven images
Dont call a priest father
Mary is not queen of heaven
Mary not new eve
Pastors not priests
No mediators
Guanophore’s response:
Yep, sounds like a veritable cesspool of heresy there. Are they meeting on school grounds, or off?

You might benefit from a very good book that covers some of these topics called Catholicism and Fundamentalism.

A lot of what draws people to Pentecostalism is the emotional nature of the worship, and the chasing after signs. Unfortunately human beings are prone to these things.

Use this as an opportunity to equip yourself to refute their errors. We will pray for you!

I’m not a Pentecostal, but, some of those listed are common to Protestantism.

Hmmmmmmmmm… Obviously those protestants that refer to the Catholic Church in such a derogatory fashion are in error…

However - speaking of end times… Is the fact that Israel is once again a Nation since 1948 significant to anyone here in terms of it being a ‘sign of the times?’ (Yes I know no one knows the hour or day Our Lord will return) However it is quite a phenomenon that Israel has returned – yes?

You make a great point. What scares me is that the second coming will supposedly happen when the Temple is up again and the False Messiah goes to it and proclaims it his. For those that know, today that area were that first temple existed in Jerusalem is now home to an important Muslim mosque

Indeed… We all know of rampant Protestantism that includes erroneous things such as the Rapture… However, what little research I have done seems to me that the Catholic Perspective on Israel becoming a Nation again and other signs is not as well thought out either. I am not saying the catholic Church has spoken ex Cathedra on such things but methinks when some of their thinking was formulated the rather startling fact of the Israeli event year 1948 was, did not even enter the orbit of their thinking at the time such things were given a serious consideration.:shrug:

Perhaps those more educationally enlightened in terms of the scriptures can comment on this?

BTW - I already know I am not to fear the Lord’s return and always be prepared…:cool:

Spot on. Lutherans, for example, generally view end times in the same way the CC does.


The problem here is that you are cobbling together all Protestant groups into one unified position, which isn’t the case. What Pentecostals might believe the End Times to be is as different from Lutheran eschatology as Catholic.

True enuff… There are perhaps as many different Protestant perspectives on the End Times as there are denominations.

Sooooo… in terms of the Catholic perspective on the End Times … and for me… Israel becoming a Nation once again is… significant?:confused:

There aren’t that many Protestant views on the end times. Most importantly, no legitimate minister, pastor, preacher, will predict when Jesus will return. Some teach the rapture, others don’t. Some teach the millenial reign, others don’t. Some don’t even touch end times prophecy. My thoughts are if you’re always ready you don’t have to worry about getting ready.

But you do ave to agree with me that there are Protestant Denominations that point the finger at the Catholic Church and categorize us as the Whore of babylon and the Pope as the Antichrist

Precisely. :thumbsup: If you would live differently, knowing that Christ was coming on a specific date, than you are living now, its time to change the way you are now living. Its something of which I always have to remind myself and at which I fail often.

I am sure the establishment of an Israeli state is significant to the Israelis (and the Palestinians, for that matter). But I really don’t think God needs our assistance with preparations for our Lord’s return. What bothers me more is certain Christians who are positive that they will be raptured before any tribulations. When folks think they aren’t going to have to deal with something, they are rarely prepared.

(and no, I am not talking about a fortified survivalist cave somewhere, I mean prepared spiritually):o

Excellent point. Many who study prophecy are looking for a road sign saying “Judgment Day next 4 Exits” so they know when to straighten up.

Yes. Too band there’s no emoticon pinching the bridge of his nose. People who do that are more interested bashing Catholics than studying prophecy. Maybe it’s because I’m not Catholic, but I don’t see much of that these days.

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