End times and purgatory

Do you still go to purgatory if you die during the end times/ The Great Tribulation?

I guess it depends on if they need purification or not.

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Martyrs go straight to Heaven. As to anybody else, I will not speculate.

God gives each person what he or she needs. If you are not ready for Heaven, then off to Purgatory you go until you are ready. But don’t feel bad about that. Think of it as boot camp. It’s tough but it gets you in shape. It prepares you to be all that you can be. Give thanks and praise to God!

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That is not doctrine.

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As, according to the testimony of Tradition and of the Church Liturgy (cf.
Feast of the Innocents), young children can also receive blood-Baptism,
blood-Baptism operates not merely ex opere operantis as does Baptism of
desire, but since it is an objective confession of Faith it operates also
quasi ex opere operato. It confers the grace of justification, and when
proper dispositions are present, also the remission of all venial sins and
temporal punishments. St. Augustine says: " It is an affront to a martyr
to pray for him; we should rather recommend ourselves to his prayers "
(Sermo 159 I.) Baptism by blood does not confer the baptismal character.
Cf. S. th. III 66, 11 and 12.

excerpt from: https://www.ewtn.com/library/DOCTRINE/BAPTISM.TXT

I’ve actually thought about this before. I think the answer is the time we experience in purgatory is removed from chronological time here on earth, so we’ll spend our time there no matter what. God Bless!

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