"End Times" Idolatry


In the “End Times” will Catholics be much more open to worship the Anti-Christ,Beast and Statue in the Temple that talks and deceives the Nations because of all our statues? Some Catholics say they have seen saints statues move,weep and taik. Some non-catholics say we are idolaters and a satanic cult for having saint statues and prayers to saints also worshipping the Eucharist. What do you think?



They are totally wrong. Don’t pay them any heed at all!


My suggestion is that you avail yourself of a good study or book on the book of Revelation written by a Catholic author of good standing. The Left Behind series by Lehay and his sidekick lays out in fictional form an evangelical explanation of what Revelation is all about and is very misleading. I am sure that is the kind of interpretation where some non-catholics are coming from.


Actually, if most of the Book of Revelation has already happened, and Nero was the Antichrist and the Temple of God the human body as Jesus taught then there will not be a statue anywhere.

Also, as indicated above there needs not to be a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem with an actual statue. The Idolatry could be simply to adore someone who claims to be Christ.

Also, the Catholic Church would have to overturn 2000 plus years of unchangable truth in order to order people to adore any statue as God. That can never ever happen because the Holy Spirit will always be with the Catholic Church and prevent Her from teaching error.



The Eucharist is the actual Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ who is God Almighty- so in order to worship the Antichrist the Church would have to change the teaching on the Eucharist, to be like “a symbol”, also abolish the Sacrifice of the Mass by calling it simply a memorial (sound protestantly familiar?)



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