End-Times Obsession


So I am a devout Catholic, since birth. I married a non-practicing, “non-denominational Christian” who followed his father out of the Catholic Church. I think the term FUNDAMENTALIST is more accurate for them nowadays. My father in law is obsessed with end times prophecy, Jews returning to Israel, premillenial rapture, John Hagee theology, etc. He pretty much thinks Catholicism is the whore of Babylon and constantly preaches to my husband with all his crazy theories. My husband greatly admires his father. He is a very successful entrepreneur and very intelligent in his field, but his religious obsession often trumps his common sense in the theological aspect. My husband, unfortunately, just assumes that all his father says must be right.

Fortunately, my husband has his doubts about the way his family practices his religion such as the rock music services they attend. However he is still very weary of the “human institution of the Catholic Church and its false teachings.”

The end is near, they say… LOL… where haven’t I heard that before???

I keep praying for the Holy Spirit to enlighten me when the crazy theories about the rapture are brought up. Or how, since they are so prosperous, this is obviously an outward sign that they are part of God’s elect people who have been written in the book of life since the beginning. All those who suffer are not chosen. God has already set your destiny since birth. He claims to believe in free will, but God has already laid out our life for us so we can’t act otherwise to what is already set for us. So in part I just want to vent, but I also need some fresh ideas on how to approach this without putting a strain on my marriage. My hubs is very respectful of my faith and agrees that the kids will be raised Catholic, he even accompanies me to Mass sometimes, but I can’t help but fear that this crazy nonsense will reach my kids!!! My father in law is NOT RESPECTFUL and tries to poison my husband and brother in law (also married to a catholic) with anti catholic nonsense, even showing some chick tracts to my 6&8 YO nephews!!!:tsktsk: … I am so fed up with this WE ARE NON-PLUS ULTRA, GOD’S ELECT PEOPLE, CHOSEN TO BELIEVE IN HIM WHO WILL BE RAPTURED AWAY BEFORE THE ANTICHRIST COMES. WE ARE ALREADY IN THE BOOK OF LIFE. EVERYONE ELSE IS JUST DESTINED TO DIE AND THEIR SUFFERING IS THEIR DESTINY. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS COMING. EVERYONE IS FREE TO INTERPRET THE BIBLE THEIR OWN WAY, EXCEPT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH…WE ALL DESCENDED FROM ADAM AND EVE…THE BIBLE IS 100% LITERAL EXCEPT THINGS I DON’T WANT TO TAKE LITERALLY, LIKE THE BEATITUDES AND NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE END IS COMING.:banghead:


I pray that your husband continues to support you and your children practicing your faith. I had never even heard of the Rapture until I moved to the South but it is certainly pervasive where I live. I think some people overlook the fact that the “Left Behind” series was fiction.

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there is also a book called “will catholics be left behind?” I haven’t read it, but I hear it often recommended on CAL. It might be something to look into.

I’ll recommend you 2 books:

What Jesus really said about the end of the world


Rapture: The end of times error that leaves the Bible behind.

Both by David Currie and great reads.

The Rapture Trap by Paul Thigpen is good, too.

When they start with the end times rhetoric, quote them Matthew 6:34 “Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”

When they boast of their prosperity as a sign they are the “elect” quote Matthew 5:45 “he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust”

No need to argue, feel bad, or even upset. Eventually all you’ll have to do is say “Matthew 6:34” or “Matthew 5:45” and they will stop, because they know they have no response that will refute the scripture.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction.

This^^^. Additionally, I discuss with people like this that a gospel that does not hold true in a Mexican ghetto or sub-Saharan Africa is no Gospel, at all. Jesus came to save us from slavery to sin and eternal death, not to make us all millionaires.

I am surrounded by more mellow, rational versions of the same theology (Assemblies of God) in my inlaws. My children are getting comparative religion down cold. You might discuss with your husband that you feel very “led” to limit time with influences that spew anti-Catholic vitriol into your dear babies’ lives, then follow through. Be willing to discuss boundary setting lovingly, but make sure your husband knows where the rubber will meet the road for you.

It sounds like your father-in-law is part of a cult and could have mental health problems. If that is the case, no amound of debate or arguing will change the situation.
Distance is good.
The further away you and your husband are, physically from the in-laws and thier influence, the better. It is something you might want to consider.

Oh noes, another book to read, lol. Thanks

That is exactly the sort of thing that put me off Fundamentalism. I have been on Protestant forums where people were obsessed with the End Times so much that when there was the Israeli/ Lebanon conflict back in 2006 they seemed convinced that they would be raptured any day now because World War 3 was going to break out due to the conflict. Then when the conflict ended they started saying that Iran had secret nukes and would probably soon nuke either Israel or the US or both and - you got it - WW3 would break out. They even had a date when the nuking would take place! Needless to say that date came and went without so much as a pea shooter being aimed at either nation!:rolleyes: Plus there are innumerable videos on YT about the “Illuminati” and how they are plotting to bring the Antichrist to power. I will admit I think we probably aren’t too far off Christ’s Return but only God knows just how close we are and eschatology can be a very interesting subject but some people are just OTT and it’s not healthy IMHO:tsktsk:

Yes, the Jack Chick phenomenon is the fruit of the tree of looking for demons in others to combat.

Could not the obsession be there as God has given us all the will to pursue what is of God.

As this is a Major part of Scriptures and the promise of all promises, could it not be these people are just tapping in to what will be/has been?

Could it not be the energy is well meant, but may just not be pointed in the right direction.

God is the Judge of them all! It is God that allows us to use our free will and eventuality all this diversity of thought will all lead us to the Truth. :wink:

God bless us all - Regards Tony

I couldn’t help but notice you mentioned all humans descending from Adam and Eve in your list of wrong teachings. You do know that that is what the Church teaches?

How does your father in-law read the literal words of Jesus when He says blessed are the poor and woe unto the rich? How does He explain the story of Lazarus and the rich man who both did and poor beggar Lazarus going to paradise and the rich man to perdition?

You have to be blind to read the words of Jesus and believe the prosperity nonsense.

Why would Jesus tell the rich man to give way his wealth and follow a homeless rabbi?

At the time of Jesus the Jewish leaders embraced the prosperity means God’s favor doctrine. Jesus turned it upside down. Woe to you rich.

It was Calvin who came along in the 16th century who turned Jesus doctrine upside down again. He preached prosperity is a sign of divine favor. It is from Calvin that comes the notion of a Protestant ethic, work hard and if you get rich it means you are blessed.

This certainly contradicts Jesus very plain words in scripture.

Why would Jesus say unless a man takes up His cross and follows me He is not worthy to be called my disciple if suffering is a sign of not being among the elect? He is saying take up an instrument of torture, suffering and death, join me in my pain and suffering willingly, or you are not worthy of me.

Clearly there is an irrationality these people embrace that makes them incapable of seeing the very plain words of Jesus. They claim their truth is Bible based, but then fail to see what it it clearly says.

This it’s a good example of why we’re supposed to marry within the same Faith. I know that doesn’t help you, but perhaps your struggle will help others avoid this trouble.

My advice to you is to pray hard, correct often & immediately when you hear the grandpa miss inform your children, be twice as vigilant teaching your children the Faith & avoid as much as possible the grandpa. Also, teach your children how to defend their Faith and encourage them to share with Grandpa what they’ve learned. If he crosses the line with them, Don’t be afraid to say, “Father-in-Law, I know you’re saying this out of love for my children, but my children are Catholic and proselytizing them is not acceptable.”

This obsession with the end times is rampant is certain sections of the church- mostly findamental, dispensational camp. If you talked to Lutheran, Reformed or Anglicans they would not be so obsessed with the end times. I am currently reading this book and it is a very good book to conunter the pretrib view amazon.com/Case-Amillennialism-Understanding-End-Times/dp/080106435X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1396880713&sr=1-1&keywords=case+for+amillennialism I have also read The Rapture Fever and liked it as well

Yes. My husband made me watch the Left Behind movies with him and he acted like they were the real deal… like documentaries of what is going to happen!

**Thank you all so very much for your enlightening thoughts, recommended Bible verses and books! And please continue to pray for my husband and I. **

Pacloc: The Church does not have a definitive view on whether Genesis is to be taken as a literal account or as a myth. As Catholics we are allowed to hold either view. After much research and Bible study, I personally prefer the mythological idea. The importance of Genesis is the message over the nitty gritty on how it happened. Pope Benedict XVI seemed to subscribe to this idea as well. I should rephrase my problem with him taking Genesis LITERALLY is that he thinks the world is 6,000 years old, dinosaurs are fake and science is evil.:rolleyes:

Jack Chick tracts !!! They’re really low & disrespectful. :mad:

Will your hubby go with you to listen to a Scott Hahn or some other teacher/defender of the faith live presentation - or will he listen to their CD’s or read any of their books? Will he go with you to Eucharistic adoration? The more he’s shown authentic Catholic teachings/Truth, the more glaring nonsense will be to him, and the less he’ll be able to entertain different sets of beliefs as though they’re all equally true. The benefits of which will trickle down to your children. :slight_smile:

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