End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


Just don’t tell that to John Titor. Did he ever get his IBM 5100. Ebay is likely.


It didn’t take place earlier because in the 30’s the Vatican was trying to smuggle priests into the USSR and they didn’t want to risk blowing that operation; in the 40’s the war would have prevented joint operations by all bishops in the world; in the 50s the cold war was progressing and the Vatican didn’t want to endanger any of the priests and bishops imprisoned by the communists. IN the 60s Pope John XXIII was busy planning Vatican 2, wanted the Russian Orthodox to participate (or at least send observers) and was worried any such consecration would interfere with those plans.

Always very good, practical reasons. Our G_D, however, is not reasonable. He requires an unreasonable faith that denies the rationality of the world.


Jonathan Cahn (The Harbinger ) believes that President Trump is the modern day fulfillment of the Biblical king Jehu.


Nelka is referring to the “Great Catholic Monarch.” This is someone who has been mentioned from time to time in various Catholic prophecies, but never to any great extent. There’s no doctrine regarding this person, only suppositions based on things that have been mentioned in prophecies.

Simply put, after a period of war, invasion, and confusion in Europe, when the Church has shrunk down to its faithful remnant, The Great Catholic Monarch (GCM) will arise, assemble an army, and drive the invading forces out of Europe, specifically France and Italy. Together with the Angelic Pope, they will rebuild both the Church and Europe, specifically Germany, France, and Italy. The GCM is supposed to be of royal descent, the legitimate heir to the throne of France. This confuses things, because there are two lines that can claim the French throne. Any prophecies made by Cahn, et. al., are pointless because these prophets are anti-Catholic and will not consider the GCM to be biblical, unless it is the Antichrist.


Don’t know if this relates to today’s attack on an Egyptian mosque, and to tired to think through implications of this:



It once dawned on me years past what if the heir to the French throne happened to be a Pope?

I think if that were to happen France would be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


This book details the Approved prophecy concerning the Great Monarch. He’s supposed to come from Spain and be in his mid thirties. France will be a mess and ask the Pope for a recommendation for a king.


P.S. At confession the priest didn’t absolve me. Instead he asked me to face him and called me scrupulous. It was unbelievable.

The last two times I’ve been to confession, the priests did not absolve me properly! At two different parishes. I’m very scandalized at this. The first time, I assumed that the priest had merely forgotten. Now, I’m wondering if the priests may have even abbreviated the absolution to make it less valid. Is there anything that we can do about this issue of valid confession?


Rules of title take precedence: Men and women consecrated in holy orders cannot (under Church law) accept any position of secular power. I believe there are a few cardinals who have inherited titles such as Duke; however, once those men accepted Holy Orders those titles became considered honorary.

I believe France WAS consecrated to the Sacred Heart, however, it happened a hundred years too late.


Speak to the priests privately regarding this issue; then speak to the bishop.


Speak to the priests privately regarding this issue; then speak to the bishop.

Thanks, Muzhik. This is sound advice. Both times previously, I said the Act of Contrition afterwards before my penance. Out of curiosity, has this happened to anyone else?


Thanks, for the book tip. I think I will get it at some point. I have been wondering about what would be a good source for credible prophecies, and from the reviews it seems like this book has a lot of references.


Another book to check out is “Catholic Prophecies” by Yves Dupont. He was one of the very first scholars to bring together various prophecies from different times and languages – very difficult to do in the pre-Internet 1970s. The full text is available online.


I think I found “Catholic Prophecies” by Yves Dupont online. Working my way through now.


I’m linking this video in, even though it’s just Protestant “prophecies”, because some of them do match up quite well with earlier Catholic prophecies (all with varying degrees of Church approval). In particular, the prophecies regarding earthquakes interested me because I had a friend who had a prophetic dream about 10 years ago, about an earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone where there was a sinkhole about half a mile wide and 10 miles long. About 3 years after the dream we both watched this History Channel show on the New Madrid Earthquakes that included CGI to illustrate eyewitness accounts of sinkholes and sand geysers. She later told me those animations matched exactly with what she saw in her dream. In her dream she was viewing this in the air; based on some landmarks I was able to determine the area that was to be affected – eastern central Arkansas – and later learned that a small fault had been discovered in the area as part of a system of faults leading into Oklahoma.

That part in the video about America being invaded, though, I don’t buy, for a simple reason. Therese Neumann was a German stigmatic who lived in Bavaria during WW2. After the war, she was frequently visited by American soldiers. One soldier asked her if America would ever be invaded. She replied that God told her that due to America’s generosity, America would be spared foreign invasion; however, it’s fall would be due to natural disasters.


So does the great apostasy start when antichrist appears?


Don’t confuse cause and effect. The Great Apostasy will create the conditions that allow the Antichrist to rise to power.


Oh I see.

What do you think will cause the great apostasy? Simple love turning cold, the great of atheism, indifference or some great war?


I don’t know what will cause the great apostasy. But our current great apostasy of the west is caused by indifference and distractions I think. But also by a lack of preachers proclaiming the Good News. “But how can they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone to preach?” (Rom. 10:14) We are in dire times for the Church. And looking at the proportions of this current apostasy, I could see it being the great apostasy. Who knows. It is all in Gods hands.


Not just “a lack of preachers proclaiming the Good News,” but a lack of preachers teaching about the necessity of suffering, the joy of reparation, and the need for us to unite our pains and sorrows to those of Christ. We need preachers who will promote and preach on the necessity of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I saw in this week’s bulletin that First Reconciliation is going to be given on Dec. 5. I have the strongest feeling that unless they are offering Reconciliation to the kids at the Catholic school, this may be the only time they see the inside of a confessional. Before moving here I lived in a university town with a lot of anti-Catholic sentiment. At the church next to the University confession was offered every Saturday from 9 until 10:30. There was ALWAYS a line of penitents throughout the period, sometimes so many that the priests were busy until after 11. Sometimes I went across town to another church which had confession from 2:30 to 3:30. I soon learned that if I didn’t get there by 2 there was a good chance I wouldn’t get in before the priest HAD to stop to get ready for 4:00 Mass.

Imagine my dismay when I moved to my current city, which happens to be the seat of the diocese. At the first church I visited there was no line for confession, or any indication of where the confessional was. (It was in the room the brides used for changing.) The church I ended up attending had Reconciliation scheduled from 5:00 to 5:15, between the 4 and 6PM Saturday vigil masses. I cannot count the number of times I went and waited (and was the only one waiting) only to have no priest show up. Change happened after we got a new assistant pastor fresh from the seminary (so at least one priest showed up, although not consistently). Only after the Pope declared the Year of Mercy with the emphasis on Reconciliation did we start having priests show up for the scheduled time – still 5 to 5:15, but they won’t chase you out of the confessional until it gets to be after 5:30.

My people perish for lack of knowledge! Hosea 4:6

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