End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


The Antichrist has come and gone. It was Pope Saint Paul VI. From the modern Catholic controversy point of view, he destroyed the Church by changing the essential forms of the Sacraments. The Great Apostasy happened when all those priests and religious who saw those changes, left the Church during the 60’s and 70’s. I think over 70,000 Priests and Religious left the Church. If you go to wikipedia, and look up Pope Saint Paul VI, it shows his signature, which if you turn upside down, says 666. The number of a man, can not get more number of a man. Pope Benedict XVI gave the traditionalists the Olive Branch, the symbol of Peace, with Summorum Pontificum, which is why he is Gloria Olivae in the Prophecy of St. Malachy. Papa Francisco is Peter the Roman, and we are on the last Pope of this ancient Prophecy.


It seems I’ve come to the thread late. I used to be big on these End Times Prophecies and such when I was a Protestant not too long ago.


Any Pope with a P at the beginning of his name gets this effect. Also, he is not canonized, but beatified. If he was the Antichrist, would he have issued humanae vitae?

It was tragic and a great apostasy that so many Priests and religious left, but I don’t think that that leads to the conclusion that he was the Antichrist.


Well, we are still on the final Pope of the prophecy of St. Malachy, which is still a good and pious belief.



And your not right about all Popes signing their names with Ps having 2 ps in their name either. I p upside down is not a 6. Do it yourself. He has a peculiar way of signing his name. The mass exodus of priests and religious is a sign that he was the Antichrist. Popr Saint Paul VI, whom I consider saintly, also fulfilling the scriptural office of the antiChrist, by his changing the very essential forms of the sacraments, still saintly. After all, who can do the Antichrist better than a Pope? To me, it’s all a poem. Pope Saint Paul VI, pray for us.


No Pope was, is or will be the or an antichrist!


I disagree. I think that no one else is worthy of being the Antichrist other than the Pope.


Antichrist is one man, so which Pope do you believe is the antichrist considering we are still waiting for him?


And this interpretation fits in with the secret of LaSalette.


Where does LaSallette state that the Pope is the antichrist?


There can’t be a greater Antichrist than a Pope. You think it’s going to be some little satanist from San Francisco. God wouldn’t give a satantist that much glory. It’s Pope Saint Paul the 6, the apparent (to modern controversy) “destroyer of the Church.”

Pope Saint Paul VI pray for us. See? It’s all a poem.


Ok peeps. Play nice.


I am not quite following your reasoning:
Are there two Pope Paul VI’s? The Antichrist and the Saint?
Or are you saying the Antichrist is also a Saint?
What is the poem?


I believe that is a sede lie that they push around online.
I don’t believe it has any actual source from the revelations of LA Salette.


I believe that the Antichrist is also the Saint. There are not two Paul VI’s. The Poem is told by God, and is not fully understood by me.


Just one problem some people think he was replaced.

Possibly assassinated.

They really don’t look like the same man.

Could also just be bad photo.

If the Church could be so easily dismantled what about the Borgia Pope’s and other wicked Pope’s and wouldn’t the Sedevacantist position give more credence to Orthodox Christianity than Catholicism.

Plus Sedevacantist condemn one another there are several groups who trash talk each other on the internet.

Then there is that guy that got elected as Pope by his family who goes as Pope Michael.

What about the Old Catholic Church they split off after the First Vatican Council they are like a Latin Orthodox Christian Church.

If the Sedevacantist position is true there is no hope for anyone but I have heard this type of despairing on several different levels.


The Old Catholic Church suffered its own schismatic movements. It split largely along national lines, and led to the Independent Catholic movement, which tries to maintain a “Catholic” identity without the sin of Romanism. All the resultant churches that I’ve found and read about make some claim to apostolic succession while rejecting priestly celibacy, and embracing both women “priests” and gay and lesbian lifestyles as supported by G_D.

RE: the photos – to me they look like the same man 10 years apart, those 10 years being spent in the front lines of spiritual warfare.


I’d tend to agree on those pix. Sorta like the side by side pix of Star Wars emperor and pope that was floated a few years ago


Sir, that position is totally illogical. That is like saying “the incorruptible is now corrupt”. The Antichrist involves a total rejection of G_D and everything holy and united with G_D. Such an entity cannot also, at the same time, be a saint, someone totally subservient to the Will of G_D.

Or are you saying that “good is evil and evil is good”?

Check out this lesson by Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the Antichrist:

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