End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


I always felt bad when I laughed at those.

Yeah like I said I wasn’t completely sure myself about the pics above but there more convincing than the Sr Lucia photos.

Being a hobby conspiracy theorist I have watched a lot of stupid YouTube videos about celebrity cloning which are clearly just the case of weight difference and old age.


Just remember that if you had your adenoids removed as a kid, you will no longer be a paranoids.


I think he’s saying he doesn’t consider Pope Paul VI a saint.

I struggle with Pope Jon XXIII , Pope Paul VI and the Second Vatican Council myself but here’s the thing being a saint just means you died in a state of grace anyone can be a saint if they don’t die in a state of mortal sin.

There are a lot changes I don’t agree with but I don’t doubt these men couldn’t be saved or weren’t.


As Patrick Coffin used to say on CAL, “Be a saint. What else is there?”


All that stuff the Lutherans, Anglicans and Old Catholics do make me cringe…

There’s a reason why Christianity can’t be secular and relevant because otherwise you get the SJW mentality.


Okay, from what I have read in this thread, this is more a debate about Sedevacantism rather than Speculation of the End Times. I have personally been influenced by Sedevacantists and Over-Traditionalists when I was still new to the Church. To mistrust a Pope is one thing, but to claim that Pope to be invalid, or even worse, the Anti-Christ is borderline Luther-Like, as he depicted the Pope in his day as the Anti-Christ. I believe a Pope cannot be an Anti-Christ simply for the reason that one that is Holy cannot be unholy at the same time. Sure, there are Popes that are bad, or at least in our eyes, but we must understand that the Church has not been infiltrated by “Freemasons” and that the Church is the same. John Michael Talbot once said in one of his podcasts that there is the Left of the Church and the Right of the Church. They are like legs, interchanging every so often, but the essence of the Church, or the centre body, moves forward and stays the same.


You’re going to hear more about Sedevacantism in Catholic End-Times threads as time goes on. La Salette purportedly stated that “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” Persons who hate the Church (Protestants, heathens, and those who claim to be Catholic but reject Her teachings) usually interpret this to mean that the Pope will be the Antichrist leading the Church of Rome to fall. Rather, I see this as possibly meaning that if there is someone claiming to be the Pope is there, he will be a false pope, not an Anti-pope. The Anti-popes of the past were all validly elected according to the rules in place at the time. It was only after the controversy was settled and a pope agreed on did the Pope change the election rules so that the only time a new pope could be elected was after the death or resignation of the old one.

Nowadays, the rules require that the Conclave begin no sooner than 15 and no later than 20 days after the death of the Pope; and it must take place in the Vatican. If conditions (i.e. war, rioting, etc) are such that a quorum of the cardinals CANNOT assemble **IN THE VATICAN, NO MORE THAN 20 DAY**S after the old pope’s death, then a valid conclave cannot be held and a valid pope cannot be elected. If such a cardinal is elected, then he will not be an anti-Pope, but a false pope, without the charisms of infallibility. A worldwide synod of bishops will need to be assembled to re-constitute the Church.

I see the current controversies of sedevacantism as demonically inspired to encourage confusion and to help prevent such a Synod from forming.


Looks like the same person to me.

I had to change my work ID photo from two years ago and I look more different between my photos than those pictures do.



So true…

But the ears do look a bit different same with the nose.


Michael D. O’Brien recently wrote a multi part essay about the Great Apostasy. He is well known for his novel, Father Elijah: An Apocalypse (a definite must read for all Catholics interested in eschatology). Since we discussed the Great Apostasy recently, it seems to fit. Here is also a PDF of the whole essay.

A little intro to decide if you want to follow a link:

As in every generation, the “near future” approaches, never quite materializing in
ways we had imagined. Because of this, our perennial temptation is to dismiss the
teleology of history, and the eschatology of revelation, as mental constructs produced by irrational fears or limited by enflamed analyses of contemporary situations, a cycle that is supposedly repeated without end, never delivering the promised omni-catastrophe. Even so, according to Christ in the Gospels and the Book of Revelation, and the letters of Sts. Peter, Paul, and John, and the Old Testament prophets, as well as the ecclesially approved private revelations that have increased in number and intensity for the past 150 years, the time is drawing near when all speculative scenarios will evaporate in the face of a real and ultimate peril for mankind. Then the future will become the present. Its prologue will be an apostasy unprecedented in scope. Indeed, day by day this apostasy spreads all around us. Its climax is the Day of the Lord, a day of fire.


This guy is definitely not Catholic-friendly, but I think his military-political analysis of the situations in the Middle East are spot on:

I’m convinced Trump’s actions will have set the stage for the War of Psalm 83 in late January/early February. My reasoning is that we are already seeing violence being directed against Israel by regional players. Hamas in Gaza has started launching rockets into Israel again (actually, they never stopped; they just stopped being covered in Western media) prompting Israel to respond with airstrikes directed against the launch sites. I think we can expect to see an escalation in violence over the coming weeks.

Ergodan of Turkey used his position as the current chairman of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to call a summit of the pan-Islamic group. It’s quite possible that the result of this meeting will the unilateral declaration of a State of Palestine. It’s major goal will not be for the safety and well-being for the Palestinian people, but the expulsion of Jews and Israel from Jerusalem so they can take that as their capital.

There’s just one tiny, almost insignificant problem with this plan: the Arabs, when dealing with Israel, never pass up the chance to pass up a good deal. They also continuously fail to consider that “sauce for the goose” also applies to them.

I picture the declaration of the State of Palestine as going something like this: The State will be declared. Within a few hours all the surrounding Arab states (and possibly Turkey) will recognize it and pledge to defend it against Israel. A few hours after that, someone will start launching rockets into Israel. Israel will retaliate, and Palestine (with the backing of the Arab states) will rage against this unprovoked act of war and use this retaliation as the casus belli for Palestine and its allies to launch a war against Israel. Hilarity ensues. :scream: :crying_cat_face:


I think the rage that is being expressed now is due to the fact that, in their heart of hearts, the Palestinians always believed they could wear down the Israelis: first into giving up Jerusalem, then into giving up Israel. Trump’s actions dashed those hopes.



I remember some time ago reading on this end times thread about a respected rabbi who, on his deathbed, had written down the name of the Messiah to be opened one year later. The name of that Messiah was Jesus. This was an older rabbi, and he supposedly met Jesus in several visions saying The Messiah will be coming back shortly after the death of former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, who died in January, 2014. I know for myself, my personal cross became the heaviest on June 25, 2014 when my adopted step son murdered our 2 month old daughter. That day was almost 3.5 years ago. I know “the end times” does not revolve around me specifically, but I can’t help but “speculate” that 2013/2014 was a significant year in the seven year time frame of the great apostasy. I’ve always thought this about myself at least…that 2014 began the year of incredible sorrow and trust in the Lord, but now I can’t help but wonder if that year has more significance than even that. Whatever it may or may not mean, we are literally hurtling along full speed at the end of 2017, during a tumultuous beginning of Advent. Potential nuclear war, Jerusalem being named the capitol of Israel, and so, so much evil that it makes Jesus’, “My soul is sorrowful unto Death” have a different meaning. Our Church is very much in the midst of its final Passion, it seams, as the labor pains have increased in duration and strength. I am trying to actively stay off of screens as much as possible for my own sanity, attempt at holiness, and to strengthen my children in the Faith, but like a moth to a flame, I can’t stay off enough. And YouTube usually draws the worst of clicks from me, as I spiraled down the rabbit hole of PizzaGate, CERN, and God knows what other abominations that we have no clue about. I’m speaking to a priest to come bless our house, as I can’t help but think I need to have anything and everything in order this Advent, if only for peace of mind. But my husband is reluctant, as our faith together is not strong. Being a cradle Catholic and a host of other influences, as well as our daughter’s death by the son, he doesn’t want the house to be blessed b/c of the memories associated with the last house blessing (3rd and last time in the year 2014 being June 25, the day he murdered our daughter). We were also expecting a retired exorcist trained priest who was the friend of a family we’re close to, who was supposed to pray over that son and the house at that time. Obviously, that part never happened. I’m NOT taking away free will from what he did, but I can’t help but wonder at how much evil, demonic entities, etc were and still are surrounding my family, and I’ve tried to impress on my husband how much this house blessing would mean to me. I’m trying to stay grounded, focused on God, and live my life daily as Christian like as possible, but, I gotta admit. I’m not date setter, but if 2018 arrives without a huge disaster or supernatural event, I think I will feel much better about any speculative timeline we may or may not be on, and hopefully by then, our house will have been blessed, and I can try to double down on striving for holiness within the sacraments.


Here is a short video about the rabbi who named Jesus as the Messiah. I can’t help but wonder when the Jews will convert in mass numbers…


Malaysia said it would fight if needed.


I’m sorry about your daughter I can’t imagine your pain.

It seems as time goes on there is an evident civil war that goes beyond politics and religion it’s good vs evil.

The Church is at war with itself you see it here on CAF and even in the ecclesiastical arena with the hierarchy.

It’s traditional Catholicism vs rainbow Catholicism.

I’m not talking about traditionalism in regards to the liturgy but basic Catholic doctrine.

Fr James Martin who has made very disturbing public comments would be part of those trying to mold the Church to society.

I don’t think the Church can avoid a schism much longer.


There is definitely the war with powers and principalities of this world in full swing that so many people are not even aware of. It breaks my heart to see so many smart, well intentioned people with their eyes shut to the world, being led like lambs to the slaughter, mocking anyone who even utters anything beyond the accepted, PC social norm. And I make no pretenses that I’m not just as much of a “sheeple” in ways I’m sure I’m blind to, also. I just pray that God, in His infinite mercy, will not only reveal to me my own personal lacking that I’m unaware of, but that He uses me in my sinfulness to save so many of my friends and family who are either fallen away from the faith, or, unfortunately, adamant in their atheism. Again, I know I can be super scrupulous, and no one knows the hour, but almost every single major sign is upon us, from the huge revelation sign in the sky, to Jerusalem declared the capitol of Israel (during the jubilee year, 70 years after it was created as a modern day state). And even that tiny bit I can point out is nothing compared to the truly learned eschatology people out there. But the little I can see with my eyes, feel with my faith, and hear with my ears has me begging God for the fear to stop, even if it is THE END times…if it is…what would/should I do different?? But knowing that and putting it in practice is so much easier said than done. Jesus, I trust in you! And yes, the “rainbow Catholicism” hurts so much to watch going on all around. Especially since I was a late comer to the Faith (2012) and there is so much Tradition I’m learning and want to learn. So, with a faithful, but broken heart, I cry out, “Come Lord Jesus!” and pray that even if He doesn’t physically come down soon, He will truly reign in my Heart so I can have some of the peace He promises.


I’ve been back since 2011 got confirmed and took first communion 2010.

The last five years was spent becoming truly Catholic the last three years I have been coping with many disturbing things going on in the church.


I sincerely hope that you are wrong about a schism. But I am afraid as well. I continue to pray for trust in God’s plan, so often my faith is weak.

It has been rough lately.

@jheckle81 I was baptized in 2012 as well. Sounds like there is a lot of converts here!


I’m not looking forward to it but it seems the Church has been in this direction for a long time as with society becoming more irreligious those very liberal and outspoken voices have become louder and stronger.

I’m technically a re-vert I was not raised very religious.

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