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I noticed a referrence to a Christian belief that St. Peter would rule the Church in the Last Days of the world.
Does anyone have any info about this idea?


Friday is the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul.


What if a future evil Pope actually named himself Petrus Romanus to play off the prophecy so Catholics would loose hope?

Would many Catholics even see the connection? We’re talking about it here but I think a lot of stuff on this site would be esoteric to a lot of people.


Actually, my home country, Brazil, is the most Catholic country in the world, and look ar all the sin that goes on there! (Lots of good stuff, too, of course.)

Of the 10 countries in the world with the most Catholics, four are in Latin America. Brazil has the highest Catholic population of any country. The figure was put at 123 million in the last Brazilian census and as high as 150 million in 2010 figures compiled by the World Christian Database.Mar 14, 2013

Where do Catholics live? Latin America is home to 40 percent of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, surpassing Europe as the region with the most adherents. The church is growing in Africa and parts of Asia.Mar 13, 2013



Yet there is evidence today that he’s ramping up nuclear arsenals in North Korea. The world has been down the road of lies paved by North Korea before.


I can live with that, but I had short hair then, and I hate short hair. I wonder if my new body will grow it long? I hope so!


Sister Lucia, herself, the primary visionary, said all had been revealed, everything published, there was no hidden secret. I believe her.


Where and when did she say that ?


That’s true. The prediction in question was much in the news during the papal conclave in 2013.
The speculation was that the soon to be elected pope would be the “Petrus Romanus” of that prophecy.
But Jorge Bergoglio did not fit the supposed prediction for the last pope. He simply has no real connection to the title of Peter of Rome. So people no longer pay any attention to this prophecy which seems to have fallen flat.

But there is a secret here, which is that everyone has been using the abriged list of papal predictions which was published by Fr. Thomas Messingham in 1624. The original list was published by Fr. Arnold Wion in 1595, and it contains, not 112, but 113 predictions. Therefore, it is the next pope after Francis who will be the predicted “Petrus Romanus,” but few see this coming.

p.s.: Prediction number 112, which applies to Pope Francis is:
In psecutione. extrema S.R.E. sedebit. (He will reign in the final persecution. of the Holy Roman Church.)


I’m not sure I agree with this but then I’m not a Christian Zionist…

I don’t put the State Of Israel or Jewish people on a pedestal…

It’s a complicated issue like helping Protestant communities…

I think it would be better to pray for their conversion then to seek solidarity.

Anyways I thought some of you might find the article interesting.


I don’t think you need to be a Christian Zionist to participate in this, and when you have all the nations surrounding her calling for her destruction, I think it’s good to express solidarity with Israel, the only democracy in the region and the homeland of our savior and brother, Jesus the Christ. I don’t put Israel on a pedestal, just a very tall footstool, and remind myself that the prophecies in Scripture relate entirely to Israel. Other nations are mentioned only in how they affect the nation and people of Israel.


Sorry for taking so long to reply to this post. I’m also just getting around to viewing that video about the pieces of the True Cross; will reply to that at a future date.

Gog and Magog will NOT be a chastisement. It will be a battle, a war, that will have many nations fighting against Israel in another attempt to destroy it. It will be a war that will SIGNIFICANTLY rewrite the political geography of both the Middle East and Europe. For example, at the end, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will either disappear completely or become an Israeli protectorate. Up to half of Lebanon will be absorbed by Israel, including the Golan Heights and possibly large portions of southern Syria.

The participants will be all those nations, nationalities, and people who have, over the millenia, sought the destruction of Israel. It’s possible (depending on your interpretation) that large portions of Turkey, Germany, and Russia will cease to exist. The death and destruction will be localized, not worldwide. The Chastisements, both minor and major, will be worldwide.

In the end, Israel will be granted a period of at least 7 years of peace. It’s during this time that workers will scour the battlefields around Israel to find and bury the dead (and yes, the destruction will be so great that it will take 7 years to do this.) It will take that long for the enemies of Israel to regroup and begin to threaten them again.

During that time, Israel will absorb and solidify its hold on its new lands. I think that this will come because in the past, Israel has acceded to demands from other nations (in particular, the USA) to halt their advances (in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 if Israel had not agreed to US demands to halt their advance, in one more day the Israelis would have taken Damascus) and to eventually return the lands they conquered in exchange for promises of peace from their attackers. These promises have NEVER been kept (except for Egypt, which is why Egypt is not listed among the participants in the War of Psalm 83). Accordingly, the Israelis will only stop fighting when they are good and ready and believe that they have beaten down their enemies to where it will be a long time before they attack again.

I also believe (without any proof or evidence) that during this time, the Warning will occur. It will be related to the alleged apparition and messages from the town in Northern Spain, and it will be such that many Jews will consider this to be a sign and convert. After the defeat of Islam’s armies, many followers of Mohammad will respond to the Message of Fatima AND the Message of Guadalupe and also convert to Christianity.

(I also believe that one of the signs will be that the Cubs win the pennant a second time to show that it wasn’t just a fluke. I’m sure it’s mentioned in the Bible somewhere…)


Shhh! That’s supposed to be a secret!
But - I’m thinking you’ve read “The Last Pennant Before Armageddon?” :wink:


No, but it’s on my to-read list… :grinning:


Great answers @Muzhik

Now while your tackling the true cross and sign in the sky question here’s another one anyone can answer.

Why is the prophecy of St Malachi so important?

There’s two versions and it’s private revelation how do we know it’s even true?

I think it was Saint Hildegard that prophesize two Pope’s and that seems to be eerily true…

Anyways all I’m saying is that I have heard the prophecy of Saint Malachi used a lot and obviously incorrectly attributing the last Papacy to St Pope John Paul II and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.

Which gets into it even more convoluted discussion as to if Pope Benedict XVI is the real Pope and Pope Francis is an anti-pope?

Cannon law states whoever the Bishops reconize as Pope is Pope according to Fr Ripperger I believe.

Just to let y’all know I’m not saying the Holy Father Pope Francis isn’t the real Mcoy.

There are however those who do not reconize Francis and in this case some people relegate Pope Benedict XVI to the last pope of St Malachi’s prophecy.

I’m just curious as to why the prophecy of St Malachi holds so much weight?


CAF rules prohibit discussion of unapproved private revelations, so I’ll just say this and drop the subject:

That’s a really good question, because it’s known to be a forgery (St. Malachy died over 400 years before it was “discovered.”) I think it appeals in part because of that – the way you have to stretch to make the later “prophecies” fit makes it seem mysterious.

Here are a few articles, from Catholic sources.


The most useful book on the Prophecy of the Popes is O’Brien’s AN HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL ACCOUNT OF THE SO-CALLED PROPHECY OF ST. MALACHY published in 1880. Fr. O’Brien proves that St. Malachy had nothing to do with the writing of the prophecy, and that leaves Fr. Arnold Wion as the only real possibility for that authorship. This is a very important fact because it means that what Wion published in his book, LIGNUM VITAE, 1595, is the original version of the list of predictions. It is the one that we should go by, and it has 113 paragraphs. All of Angel 12’s referenced critiques are using Fr. Messingham’s abridged version of 112 predictions. How can they make any sense using this incorrect list?

BTW, the Roman Inquisition began in 1542, and prior to 1590 had already passed many death sentences. In addition, Fr. Wion also had the Papal States courts to be wary of. He had very good reasons to disguise his authorship of his prophecy. St. Malachy was a good choice since he was known to have visited the Vatican and was also known for prophecy.

Fr. Wion’s first 74 papal predictions were made after the fact. It is the last 39 that we are concerned with, and these appear to have had an accuracy sufficient to validate them as prophecy. Outstanding examples of these are “Aquila rapax” for Pius VII and “Religio depopulata” for Benedict XV.
What the skeptics never tell you is that a tacit Papal endorsement has been made. In 1942 Pope Pius XII released an autobiographical film of his life. The title that Pius XII chose for that work was “Pastor Angelicus,” which is, of course, his Prophecy of the Popes motto. Pius XII has been called the “Pastor Angelicus” ever since. In 2008 Pope Benedict XVI gave a talk about Pius XII and referred to him by that title. Since that tacit endorsement the predictions have been exactly fulfilled up to Benedict XVI. But he is still alive and it remains to be seen if his motto, “Gloria olivae,” will come true.

As I have mentioned, the prediction for Pope Francis is quite negative, and it appears to be tied to the visions of Pope St. Pius X which are also negative. If one looks closely at what Wion wrote for motto 112, one notices an out of place period after the word,“psecutione.” I think that this spurious punctuation has a meaning, and that it signifies the advent of the disaster that Pius X foretold.


Does 33 figure in anything? Christ was crucified after 33 years, and Catherine of Siena and Faustina Kowalka lived for 33 years.


It’s a holy number like 3, 7, 12 or 777.

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