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Re: Malachi –

It’s not important. At best, it’s interesting. Pagans and heretics view it as important because they think it’s Catholic doctrine.

What we have to fear is NOT an antipope, but a FALSE pope. One where out of expediency “corners were cut” with the result that the election is flawed. We would have a pope without the charism of infallibility.


I must respectfully disagree. A prophecy that has 1. shown signs accuracy over the last 400 years, and 2. has been at least tacitly endorsed by a great Pope, and 3. predicts only one more Pope after Francis, might reasonably be considered to be more than just “interesting.”
We will know for sure if the prediction for Francis is fulfilled (let’s hope that such does not take place.)

That is my opinion. I know that it is not official Catholic doctrine. I don’t think of myself as a “heretic” (others my have a different idea) and I don’t worship Zeus, Pan, Diana, Baal, etc.



This is a novel.


Thanks for the reference. It may be significant that Benedict XVI is associated with “glory” in both the Nun’s list and also in Fr. Wion’s motto of “Gloria olivae.”
Another confluence is the prediction of “martyrdom” for Pope Francis and the the phrase, “final persecution” in Fr. Wion’s 112th paragraph of his papal prophecies.

[112]“In psecutione. extrema S.R.E. sedebit.”***

Whoever put together the chart made the common error of attributing the “Petrus Romanus” title to Pope Francis. That, as I have pointed out, is not correct.

***LIGNUM VITAE, Liber Secundus, pg. 311, Wion, 1595


Confirmation event occurred. Nothing else I want to reveal.


Be very cautious about posting here. There are very strict rules against posting or commenting on unapproved private revelations. You may wind up being banned.


Jumping in here late, but as a new member I wanted to offer some input. This is a two part message, as I have just learned we are limited to 3200 characters. part II is in the forst reply.
I do believe that the Church, and our clergy need to talk more about the Second Coming. It is definitely one of the cornerstones of our faith. Its right there in our creeds, so it doesn’t hurt to learn how to understand the prophets, and what they have told us. There were over 300 prophecies of His first coming, and just as many about his return.
Motivation is a huge part of the study of eschatology, and that may be one reason why there is so little talk of it among the clergy. They dont want people getting all focused on end times events as an intellectual game, or to take one’s focus off of the Christian life which we are to live to the fullest.
One thing I have noticed about some of the Non catholics who are into eschatology, is that they are so convinced we are on the eve of redemption and destruction, depending on which side you’re on, that they have stopped focusing on works of charity and generllay living a full Christian life as one would if we expected to live out the average human lifespan, and be gathered to our ancestors.
There is also the fact that so many eschatologists go to great lengths to show that the Church- and all Catholics- are the “Whore of Babylon”, hence a general distate for the topic.

Why should we study it?
for one thing because JESUS Himself told us to keep an eye put and know the signs of the times. He also told us NEVER to set dates, but that we would know by the times of the seasons.
We should study it also so that we may be able to intelliegently answer questions that will a) Help us and others live a passionate life of evangelization, being able to demonstrate from scripture, tradition and divine revelation (ie Fatima, Faustina etc) that the events around us were predicted, and we are not to fear, wht so many people want is to understand that the events gping on around us are not out of control, but very much in God’s hands. It helps us, as Peter admonished us, to be able to give the reasons for our Hope, and by extension, give others that same hope.
I know many don’t like tio hear it, but we, each one of us, is called to be part of the Great Commission, and an understanding of end times events, can give us the sense oif urgency that time is short, and peopleneed to be reached with the fullness of the truth.
and finally, in so doing, we may bring about repentance. While events seem to be rushing headlong to the end of the age, and it is unstoppable in the long term, I like to point to II Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by my name will turn from their sins and repent, I will hear their cry and heal their land”
Such reprieves took place for Judah in the Old Testament, and may even be granted now, and God does not wish for any to perish. (to be continued in the reply)


Continued from above:
Eschatology also tells us that the return of our saviour, for whose return we await in joyful hope, is at hand…perhaps even today, so that it becomes a reality that guides our daily lives, instead of being some nebulous theoretical thing that may or may not happen.
Our faith relies on this. That Jesus died, and rose from he dead, and that he will return, and we too shall be resurrected as He is.
If you are interested, there is a Canadian Catholic writer who I am sure most of you are familiar. He has written some novels on the Last Days from a Catholic perspective which are very interesting, and offer some exciting speculations on how things may play out with some absolutely unforgttabe characters.
These novels are “Father Elijah” (and its prequel Sophia House), Elijah in Jerusalem, Plague Journal and “Eclipse of the Sun” (and their prequel "Strangers and Sojourners) .
Have at it, and may we all become more dynamic Catholics as a result!


The writer in question is Michael O’Brien, and I absolutely LOVE his work!


I’ve said this to others and even myself because I’m a weirdo and I talk to myself out loud…

We as Christians have got to stop making Jesus look like a Divine boogie man with the second coming of Christ.

Is it scary?

Yes because final judgment is scary we all want to die or enter eternity in a state of grace.

It’s sort of ironic we know more about Hell and it’s torments then we do about the wonders of Heaven.

Sometimes I wonder what my own commission is and it seems at times that perhaps it’s bringing my family back to the faith.

The early Christian Martyrs looked forward to the second coming of Christ and most Christians today are pretty scared of it…

You have to have a balanced spirituality about such a thing yes we should be fearful and always trembling and shaking before our Lord trying every day to pick up your cross but we should also be joyful and look forward to Christ second coming and his awesome triumph.

If I ever get around to finishing it I would like to finish The End Of This Present World As We Know It because it deals with four last things and I think that that would help me overcome some of my scrupulous fear of Christ.


I am reading “The Fool Of New York City” right now, and enjoying it. Father Elijah is possibly my favourite book I have ever read. O’Brien is a top notch writer.


A few weeks ago if not maybe a month I don’t really recall correctly I commented on a thread about the three days of darkness.

The question was whether or not the 3 days of darkness prophecy is actually in the Book of Revelations?

What I found was basically that it is…

It is also probably is safe to say it is a literal three days like in the OT because that’s about the limit a human body can live without water.

Here’s the kicker though most people won’t survive the rest of the chastisements from the other seals being opened up.

So this takes me back to the Catholic Mass and what I am reminded of during the recitation of the Nicene Creed which is to treat every day as your last which is easier said than done and is a very difficult task.

Things like the three days of darkness and the chastisements foretold in Our Lady of good success, Fatima, and Akita are wake up calls for humanity.

We have to be careful not to get caught up too much in those prophecies the way the Protestants do with the “rapture”.

It’s human nature to want to feel your part of something and I think that’s why end time ministries are so popular.

Eschatology is important but so is realizing any moment your number could be up.


She says it here:

“With reference to the third part of the secret of Fátima, [Sister Lúcia] affirmed that she had attentively read and meditated upon the booklet published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [The Message of Fátima] and confirmed everything that was written there. To whoever imagines that some part of the secret has been hidden, she replied: ‘Everything has been published; no secret remains.’ To those who speak and write of new revelations, she said: ‘There is no truth in this. If I received new revelations, I would have told no one, but I would have communicated them directly to the Holy Father.’”


Certainly you believe Sr Lucia! She was the primary visionary, and if anyone knows, it would be her!


Actually, it’s 3 days because the whole of Apocalypse is the Passion retold (3 days in the tomb) and the Plagues of Egypt revisited (3 days of darkness covering the land, so complete you could not see your hand in front of your face, and broken only by the lights coming from the lamps of the Israelites. Ergo the need for blessed candles.)


@Muzhik whatcha think of this?


Looks weird…

He mentions a literal thousand year reign… I’m not buying it… :unamused::smoking:


“The Pope flees Rome . . . .2035 -2038 . . .” I think that this author is about twenty years too late with this one.


@Governator, looks interesting. I might go ahead and buy it. I want to point out that this is the second version (not edition) of the book. I remember years ago when it was “after the warning 2016”, since the Warning was to occur before the 100th anniversary of Fatima


Well, at least he set the date far enough out that he’s got plenty of time to work on the next correction.


This guy says he plagarized his work. :smile:

I see a lot of these weird groups out there like the Maria Divine Mercy The Book Of Truth and I think there is one other one out there or two.

Very strange.

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