End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


So how does one avoid the deception and remain Catholic?

What I mean is in the event of a heresy.


Knowing the faith is important.

This is why I stick a lot to traditional Catholicism.

Also some heresies would be obvious like saying that the Virgin Mary is the 4th member of the Godhead, or that Christ is not Divine or that his second coming will be through reincarnation.

Weird stuff but not always some heresies are subtle like believing that the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are the same person that form one God instead of three Divine persons that form one God.

But then there are herectical things like giving unrepentant divorced and remarried people or those living in active homosexual relationships and lifestyles Holy Communion.


So is it possible to remain in the Church and not be a part of the deception?
Do you find like minded Faithful and remain together?
I’m not sure how that works.


St Robert Bellarmine seems to think so.

An example would be like St Athanasius during the Arian heresy.


I hear you brother, been thinking about this for several years. A call to spiritual arms, and the guidance of grace to overcome it. It is likely going to be a pretty rough ride though.


It would seem that some people embrace paganism and naturalism.

Anyone that has seen the Wickerman and I’m talking about the original with Christopher Lee knows where that might lead…


I believe this to be true.


I managed to find this at the library and watch it about a month or so ago. It helped remind me to avoid any sign or evidence of triumphalism when arguing with Protestants.

I’m also binge-watching “Stargate SG-1”. I’m at season 8, where the Gou’auld have been mostly defeated by the humans of Earth. The Gou’auld are parasites who have taken on the roles of the old gods, particularly Egyptian ones, but many other gods as well, in order to enslave humans. The Jaffa (pronounced “ja-FAA”) were both the foot soldiers and living incubators for new Gou’auld. They would fight and die by the millions at the command of their god.

The Jaffa are now free, and are experiencing the problems of freedom. Now we are running into another, more dangerous, more powerful alien race called the Ori. They are starting to move into the vacuum made by the Jaffa rejecting their old gods, claiming that they have come to liberate the rest of the galaxy. “You are all children of the Ori, told lies and raised by evil. We have come to bring you enlightenment.” Those who reject and refuse this enlightenment are killed.

The problem is, these Ori (and the Priors they have possessed) really do have god-like powers, able to heal and to kill with a word or a thought. (Can anyone say, “signs and wonders”?)

These Ori are basically fire demons. It’s a bit upsetting to watch this, because the writers, out of convenience, adopted a new-age view of theology (the “Ancients” were proto-humans who achieved enlightenment and “ascended” to “a higher plane of existence” as pure energy) and the Ori are a race that could have ascended but chose to remain in a kind of half-ascended state so they could be worshiped as gods.

(Sorry – didn’t mean to make such a long post.) I bring this up because I keep wondering how, if I were dropped into a Jaffa world, I could preach the Gospel and be able to PROVE that my God exists and that He is more powerful than these Ori. I guess I would have to be like St. Patrick – having pure faith and trust in G_D.


Sorry – what I started out intending to say in my previous post is something I’ve mentioned on previous end-time threads: I see soon the establishment in California something like “The Temple of Ashtaroth” or “The Temple of Astarte” – A religion (as established by the IRS) that has established temples to this goddess. The temples not only provide places to worship but also social services like free classes and medical care. The “free medical care” would also include abortion, and the temples would also include an on-site furnace for destroying “medical waste” (i.e., the corpses of the aborted children). They could even make money by contracting with local abortion providers to provide disposal of fetal remains. All of these remains of aborted children would be offered up as sacrifices to Astarte.


I’ve watched Stargate I haven’t seen the entire series but I’ve seen over half of it.


I definitely see that happening in the more liberal parts of California I think it would be harder to get it past people in the Central Valley.

That’s not to say there aren’t liberal people in the Central Valley for instance in Fresno there is what is called the Tower District which is the art and LGBTQ district.

One of the reasons I think the old gods will come back is because just as the ancient pagans designated different gods to explain different celestial bodies and seasons the modern man will adopt these gods as monikers of their naturalistic beliefs.

I have never in my life lived in such a moment that you could see people cringe at the mention of Jesus or Christianity especially Catholicism.

I was born in the late 80s and grew up between that point the 90s and early 2000s and that’s not to say that there weren’t critical voices of Christianity.

There were many if not the same voices back then it’s just that they have grown louder and have reached a broader audience than ever before.

The 1996 and 2016 presidential elections parallel each other on a lot of social issues and granted they are completely polar opposite in terms of their criteria of candidates.

Bob Dole is not comparable to Donald Trump by any means but ironically there was another member of the Clinton family running who won that year.

There are many enemies of Christianity but there seems to be an axis of evil.

The enemies of Christ are Islam, atheism, and paganism.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world it converts its believers by the sword and through intimidation.

Atheism can be explained to a few different categories true atheism those that do not believe in God and believe in a completely nihilistic void, agnosticism the belief in the possibility of a higher power but not of one from any particular religion and then you have Christian atheist those who are lukewarm in their faith.

Paganism can be a broader term used for those believing in naturalism or those truly dabbling with witchcraft and Pagan beliefs or even those of the free masonic sects.


:anguished: I feel that I’ve lost kinship with someone that I thought was my good friend on account of all this recent junk…got the cold shoulder. The expose’ is the only thing I can think of that would have precipitated this :cold_face:


Of course, a few hours after that post, I came across the perfect answer:


Watching this thread with renewed interest since learning the most recent scandal in the Church may involve many in administration and even the pope himself. With an eye toward the prophecy of the popes and something about the final scandal involving break down of the family…things have suddenly gotten rather interesting rather fast.


I’m kind of glad that I finally got burned out after all these years of raving about Freemasons, Zionist, the Communist and Masonic infiltration of the Church and going on about the traditionalist movement.

Whether it’s politically correct or not some conspiracy theories are true.

I’m just glad that I feel so dead inside that all this stuff going on with the Church and all the cover-ups hasn’t affected me too much on an emotional level.

It’s not a spiritual deadness I’m not in a state of mortal sin to the best of my knowledge.

I’m just that tired with the things that have been going in family life and trying to find new work.

There are so many threads on these forums about the same thing going on in the Church today people are angry they are losing their faith and some have even left.

I need to get my prayer life back up I haven’t been praying my daily rosary…

I have been praying for the Church and everyone on here for many years and I truly and sincerely believe that everything is in God’s hands.

I’m not worried about the Church because the Church has survived 2000 years and has survived worse.

Offer up 3 Hail Marys for the priest intentions before watching.



I actually tried that.


oh dear seems google is going to forget all religions so…


Okay, I’m going to do a little bit of conspiracy shop talk, which I know some of you guys love;

I think the 100 year anniversary of Fatima and the 2017 election of Trump was significant. I see “Trump and Co” as a Coup which overthrew a rancid and corrupt government. And now, only 30 percent of the US federal government is left. And they are still prosecuting… and I believe part of that swamp drainage, including the sex trafficking and cabal, was how the infestation within our church got brought out into the open. It’s been quite the show. For the last 100 years, our government has not been a free market. 1917 was the year that the Federal Reserve was brought to life. The US was bailed out in 2008, but now we see the Real Estate market once again becoming inflated, soon to drop again, and what then? The federal reserve and their f-ing notes will not survive this time. :angry: It will be interesting to see how the devastation will all play out. It will be a hardcore return to reality, without all of the inflated debt that we all carry for our cars, our homes, our schools. Hopefully people will wake up and realize people, relationships, and God are the truth. Not money and comfort etc


I’ll add to what you said which I think is very interesting.

There are some conspiracy theories about the Titanic that say the sinking of the ship wasn’t a mere tragic accident but that it was orchestrated to assassinate those who are opposing the formation of the Federal Reserve.

I don’t know if that’s true or not but it’s an interesting conspiracy theory.

You say that the Federal Reserve became active in 1917 not long after in 1920 began the homosexual infiltration the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

This is mentioned in one of the recordings that recently posted.

Bella Dodd testified to Congress that she helped infiltrate the Catholic Church with communist spies who went to seminary and became priest.

She was converted by Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Zionism, Freemasonry, and Communism are all intricately connected and some believe begat one another.

Some even say that Bavarian Illuminati was not really the originator of all the Freemasonic sects but it was the Order Of Oculus…

Who they are no one knows…

I would have to say that it probably came from Kaabalist who had gotten some of their rituals from other ancient and now dead civilizations…

If you take the Book of Enoch with a huge grain of salt there’s one little bit of truth in there that I think might actually be legitimate in that after the fall evil spirits helped instruct men in all the sciences and forbidden knowledge.

That’s all…


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