End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


It seems like the Jesuit’s role at Notre Dame University has become politically focused (liberation theology/communism) and not Christ-focused. I don’t approve of that line of thinking. My take is based off of my cousin’s experience, an alum of the school, and what I’ve seen and heard from individuals and happenings in the news over the course of 20 years. That’s the extent of my general knowledge of their order that I’d see as harmful on a large scale. It seems like there’s definitely more to discover in their history.

Spending too much time speculating on “the smoke of Satan”, on what religious orders and what people are evil, and how these things have infiltrated the Church, is dangerous and divisive. One must be vewy, vewy careful when doing this. And I think, unless it’s directly affecting you and you are held responsible to decide for practical purposes, then I think it’s wrong to go there. Yes, I’ve done a little bit of that on this thread, but only because we are dealing with thousands of concrete cases of abuse that have recently come out. Perhaps we shouldn’t speculate on how liberal ideals have allowed a manipulative homosexual cabal to take root within the priesthood. I’ll admit I’ve gone the way of generalizations based off of what Out Lady of Fatima said about Russia during their communistic era, warning Russia “will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.


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The heifer would have died before they got around to building another temple…

They will thank me when they go to their next family Bar Mitzvah I’m doing the catering. :sunglasses:


I’m not going to hold my breath or worry they have a lot of work ahead of themselves.

They need a new temple on occupied grounds and they need the Ark of the covenant.

They probably have it though there was a guy that claimed to have found it burried under the Crucifixion site.

Well time to get off here and get on with my day.

Celebrating the Nativity of the Holy Theotokos.


Have you forgotten about World War 3. Thats not happened yet. The destruction of Damascus hasn’t happened yet. It could be very close. How much President Trump wants peace with Russia , but when he came back from his meeting with President Putin in Helsinki he was forced by the Deep State to recant the growing accord with Putin and say that he had made a mistake and that Russia really is the problem.
Check out Trunews , the website of Rick Wiles- he has an excellent grasp of the current situation for those of us who can handle the truth , (he claims ) that the Russians and the Syrian armies is currently demolishing the 10000 remaining ISIS jihadis in Idlib, Syria Only the west ( USA , UK , France, Israel ) are preparing a false flag event using children crisis actors to provide the next images for the imminent ’ chemical a ttack ’ .
The last time that President Assad of Syria allegedly waged a chemical attack, the emergency workers hurried in to help the victims , there were no victims and no bodies.
Whats really going on in Syria is the globalist deep state attempting to concoct a reason to attack the Russians and start Worls War 3.
According to Rick Wiles and many others Isis was created and continues to be funded by the US. The Russian defense minister Lavrov has been on RT solemnly warning the West not to meddle with the offensive against Iss and that there will be repercussions. Its a dangerous situation which you won’t hear on MSM . Rick Wiles is a man of integriy and courage. He knows what he’s talkng about. Check out his Trunews Channel and see for yourself.


Does Rick Wiles ever mention Q? I’ll give him a listen some time. I do think there’s something to what you’re saying. I was fearful of WW3 until Trump came into play, but I think it would have been put into motion if Hillary had come into power, and I would have been very fearful for my Catholic life if it had. My thoughts are that the 100th anniversary reparations and prayers helped to mitigate the tribulations, but we still have to face a devastating collapse and reset of the immense global debt no matter what.

Erased that bit on ww1 history.


I know that President Trump is doing his best, but there are many working against him, including White House staff . Then he’s getting drawn into the Zionist agenda while he should be taking action to bring pressure on Israel to stop blocking food and the necessities of life being delivered to the Palestinians. Remember that among the Palestinians there are many Christians also. The Palestinians are very poor and what Israel is doing is unacceptable.
The 100 th anniversary of reparation and prayers and Pope St.John Paul’s Consecration of the world will continue to benefit the salvation of many, but won’t necessarily save us from inevitable calamities like war , famines, plagues and natural disasters.
G5 is currently being rolled out across the world. It works through microwaves which have already been used as weapons in war. There are websites warning of the considerable health risks associated with G5. Some people call it a Kill Grid and say it attacks oxygen in the body and causes serious brain damage . In Matt:24, 21,22 Jesus says " for then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world, until now nor will be And unless those days had been shortened, no living creature would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened "
…If Jesus says there’s going to be depopulation then that is so.
Also, there are plans to introduce a sort of merging of AI with humans which will culminate in the mark of the beast when technology becomes more dominant than humans.
Trunews has another interview with Elon Musk who is very intelligent and wealthy and also very pessimistic about where AI is taking us. The overall picture is a bit gloomy :fearful::fearful:.


I believe that is in the Book of Enoch, which is most definitely NOT part of the canon, for good reason. Not only did it have incorrect statements (that a year was exactly 364 days long – true scripture cannot have anything false about it. And by that I mean factually true like the length of the year, not simply poetically true.) It also included chapters that were more magical incantations rather than messages from G_D.

As far as “the end times views of differing faiths,” we tried that on the old CAF and wound up with someone proselytizing for Bah’ai and Bah’alluah. Talking about the end-times views of Islam can lead you to being banned for hate speech (yes, it’s that bad). So if you have something other than Bah’ai and Islam, let’s hear it.


About the only thing that I think is legitimate in The Book of Enoch is the concept that Fallen Angels taught human beings how to do various things.

It kinda makes sense but the reason I think there are so many pyramids and similar cultures around the world that were separated is because of the Tower of Babylon.

Nephilim, Giants, and Reptilian Lizard People I don’t think so…

But there is that part of my brain that says… What if? :scream:



Yeah I have known about people’s theories for awhile.

It is a really weird building… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think the architects were smoking something…


@ACrosSticks If you have end time Jesuit scenarios I would love to hear them or the other thread.

You can also post a link on here to the other thread if you want to categorically post this info in the Jesuit thread.


What a building!!! Scary. Did the architect mean to do that or do you think they may have been supernaturally coerced??? Yikes!


I think he may have been hitting the peyote a little too hard I mean it was finished in 1971 after all…


@Muzhik ever hear of Marie Juliet Jahenny?


Yes, I’ve heard of her but haven’t taken the time to read up on her writings.


@Muzhik worth looking into same with Our Lady of Heede.

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