End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


I like it, and I think it’s very, very probable. My ONLY problem is trying to fit it in with the symbolic descriptions in the Book of Revelation.


@Muzhik what do you think about all this business about Nephilim and Giants returning during the end of days?

Amongst some Christians the belief is that the line of scripture stating that the world will be as the days of Noah or worse so hence Giants.

From my own research St. Irenaeus and other Church Father’s such as St Thomas Aquinas state that the doctrine of serpent seed theory is heretical.

Most Church Father’s and Biblical scholar’s agree that the Son’s of God were a order of pre-deluvian monks who lived on a mountain and were seduced by the daughters of Cain.

This is the explanation of the Nephilim the crossbreeding of the line of Seth and Cain.

My theory is not demonic procreation since angels do not possess bodies and are pure spirit beings.

I believe these offspring were mutated through incest and corrupt living such as cannibalism and it bred a super predator race of humans.

Either way Giants existed we have the remains which keep conviently disappearing…

The whole thing is odd but people believe there is a connection to the Giants and the end times.


An odd way of adding to your thoughts are…

Many species started out small and grew (overgrew) in size over eons. Thus obsolete themselves as hesrts, reactions, bone structures etc couldn’t keep up.

Maybe we as humans will do the same, and end times will come as we obsolete ourselves, triggering the events of Revelations.


Not sure about Giants. Nephillim possibly. True, angelic beings cannot physically mate with humans; HOWEVER, the fallen angels do maintain the ability to move physical objects, and they have a level of intelligence higher than ours. It’s possible they used this power and knowledge to make subtle changes in the ejaculated spermatozoa that resulted in these beings.

More importantly, I think the Nephillim are here. They are disguised as things like glow-in-the-dark kittens and other transgenic organisms. The story of the Nephillim is a warning to modern readers to avoid mixing “types”: IOW, don’t put genes from plants into animals; don’t put genes from fish into mammals (that’s how they got the glow in the dark cats); and never, EVER, screw with the human genome.


So you are crazy. :crazy_face:

I think I speculated that too on some past threads

I want to say that the guy that wrote The Hammer Of The Witches speculated that the demons could move seed from far away places from one him to another.

Some Exorcist and people in deliverance ministry say they can make objects appear and disappear so teleportation of objects might be an angelic ability that God occasionally permits amongst the demons.

Genetically modified humans I’m sure it’s been done…

Actually it has been done there were some children who were given a third parent through genetic modification and invitro fertilization.


RE: the children …

Like I said, Nephillim are here today.


Ever hear of the Afghan Giant?


Read the news today? The Patriarchs of Constantinople and Russia have split over the problem of Ukraine. Looks like Malachi Martin who read the 3rd Secret of Fatima is coming to fruition, that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will start in Kiev, Ukraine.


I pray that greater Church unity comes out of this, but I am not as optimistic as you are.


So I was reading Ezekiel, and while there is a lot that can jump at you, I thought verse 22:26 is particularly applicable to recent Church events:

Her priests violate my law and desecrate what I consider holy; they do not distinguish between holy and common, nor teach the difference between unclean and clean; they pay no attention to my sabbaths, so that I have been desecrated in their midst.


There are a few Marian apparitions from Ukraine.


I believe some of these apparitions have been approved on a local level but from what I can gather there’s nothing heretical in them.

I’m not promoting them just pointing out there are some alleged Marian apparitions that have occurred in Ukraine.


Interesting… :thinking:

:shield::angry: :dagger:

Deus Vult!!!


Is there any Catholic tradition of the day-year principle? (ie where a day symbolically means a year in certain prophecies?)

I figured this thread would be a good place for this question.


I’m not aware of any tradition for or against it. I believe it is simply considered part of Christian teaching, given 2 Peter 3:8:
But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.


There is another place in Scripture where this is laid out, and that is in Ezekiel 4:4-8, where G_D specifically says that one day of the symbolic prophecy will equal one year.


17 is definitely something I resonate with. It’s more hope than I’ve had in a long time​:pray::two_hearts::pray::raised_hands::pray:


Meant to comment on this a few days ago. Simply put, the Moscow Patriarchate has ego problems. The Moscow Patriarchate came about because when it became clear that Constantinople was going to fall to Islam, the Patriarch of Constantinople and its Holy Synod declared Moscow to be a separate, co-equal patriarchate. The Tsar at the time declared that “Moscow is the 3rd Rome; there will not be a 4th.” Moscow considers itself the last true bastion of Orthodox Christianity and in a sense seeks to destroy those that dispute that.

There was a problem a few years back when the Orthodox church of one of the Baltic countries was re-organizing after the fall of the Soviet Union. Because they had been invaded and suppressed by the USSR they had elected to align themselves with the Greek Orthodox Church in Constantinople. All of the other Orthodox churches in the region were OK with that, until Moscow joined the conversation. They effectively preached hell and damnation for anyone who sought to break the “historic ties” between those Churches and the Moscow Patriarchate. (The “historic ties” were the ties that existed before the rise of the USSR.) Not sure what became of those meetings; but Moscow has claimed primacy over the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for centuries, even though it has closer ties, historically and culturally, with Constantinople.

The Greek Orthodox Church is dying. Turkey has “temporarily closed” the only Orthodox seminary in Turkey, meaning there is no real place for Greek Orthodox in Turkey to study and be ordained. In addition, the Turkish government has put conditions in place that will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to elect a new Patriarch after the death of Patriarch Bartholomew. There is the very real possibility that the Patriarchate will simply cease to exist at that time. Moscow is looking ahead to that time to ensure that it will step into the vacuum by assuming control of all of these Churches before the Patriarch of Constantinople dies.


@Muzhik I shared this on TTGBITN but I received my Scapular of Benediction and had it blessed last Sunday.

It is said to protect individuals and families from harm and the chatisement.


Muzhik, this is all so beautiful and uplifting.
God bless you for sharing.


Those icons, et. al., are Governator’s doing.

And yes, they are beautiful. I love Eastern iconography.

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