End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


No but there are always schisms in Orthodox communities.


Schism? Orthodox? Not surprised.


The Western supported Ukraine seeking split with Russian Orthodox Church, to cause a split between Church and State in Russia. Will this affect the possible reunification of Russian Orthodox and Catholic Churches?


The Orthodox Churches are like nesting dolls one begets the other.

There is much that I admire about the Eastern & Oriental Orthodox Churches in that they have not changed their way of worship as drastically as the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

That’s actually what I like about Eastern Rites in the Church.

The problem is that in Orthodoxy there is no unity some Churches allow contraceptives some don’t, some have female altar servers and some don’t, and interestingly enough you can be a Freemason and an Orthodox Christian without fear of excommunication.

I believe that the Russian Orthodox Church of America broke off from it’s Mother Church because it was being controlled by the Communist government and many clergymen compromised.

The very same thing happened in 1917 the same year of Our Lady of Fatima during the Mexican Revolution with the Cristero Warriors.

Of course the Catholic Church did not compromise in that situation.


After a succession of hot, sultry days in the summer, we sense there must be a storm before the cool days come back again.
Similarly, in these days of confusion, there is an intuition of impending catastrophe, a feeling that some immense preternatural disturbance must bring the evil of the world to ruins before we can be set free again.

As Degoncourt told Berthelot, who had posted of the future destructiveness of war through physics: “When that day comes, God as a night-watchman will come down from Heaven, rattling His keys, saying ‘Gentlemen! It is closing time!” ~Bishop Fulton Sheen, Peace of a Soul~

Justice is a joy to the innocent; but Truth torments the guilty. Proverbs 21:15


Has anyone read this book?

One hundred years ago, Fr. Arminjon predicts “It will be as in the days of Noah, when men lived without a care, built luxurious homes, and mocked Noah as he built his ark.”

“Civilization will be at its zenith, markets overflowing with money, and stocks will never have been higher. Mankind, wallowing in unprecedented material prosperity, will have ceased to hope for heaven. Crudely attached to pleasures, man will say ‘My soul, you have goods to last for many years. Eat, drink and be merry.’ ”

Doesn’t that sound eerily like America just a year or so ago?

Fr. Arminjon insists that we “steer clear of every perilous opinion and make no assertion that is not justified by Tradition and the doctrine of the Fathers.” Yet it’s precisely his sober reliance on Scripture and Tradition that makes this book so convincing . . . and so chilling!

But Fr. Arminjon doesn’t merely sketch the darkness ahead; he also shows how Jesus will fill that darkness with light; and he details the rich bounty Christ has in store for the faithful.

just downloaded it on kindle.


I’m stuck on it primarily because I got side tracked and because I had other responsibilities.

Ironically I’m stuck in the segment on Purgatory. :joy:


Same here. Good reading, but doesn’t have a lot of action. Not really a page-turner.


Are we on Purgatory together brother?

We might as well use these penitential flames for good use and cook up some beans and hammocks.


It’s ham hawks :angry:


Is it ham hawks?


ham hocks


P.S. I’m on the “Purgatory” chapter in that book, too…


No. “Ham Hawks” sounds like some southern minor league team. :rage:


I see what Google keyboard did there…

It is hamhocks…

Back to Purgatory I must atone for the confusion and sin I have caused…

Mia culpa!!! Mia culpa!!! Mia culpa!!!


When pigs can fly… Yes they would be ham hawks…


I found this book to be helpful, surprisingly not in its description of the end times, but in how it describes hell. The reality of hell and how much it sucks really struck me after reading that part. We need to really work out our salvation, and work for the salvation of souls, was my main take away.


The late Malachi Martin said that the 3rd Secret of Fatima has a part which is about Ukraine and Russia. Just take a look at what is happening now with Russia and Ukraine in the news


Here is some background on the historic ties between Ukraine and Russia


Your post got me to finally get up and find my copy. Turns out that I HAVE unpacked that box (I moved a year and a half ago and still dwell in clutter – rather like my mind) so I’ll crack it open and see if I can finish it this time around. Just as soon as I finish the books I’ve checked out from the library: Book #13 in the “Harry Dresden” series, “COUP D’ETAT: A Practical Handbook (Revised Edition)” by Edward N. Luttwak, and “HOW TO STAGE A MILITARY COUP: From Planning to Execution” by David Hebditch and Ken Connor. The Coup book examines the role of corruption in how to predict when a coup will take place, which wasn’t as big of a concern as when the original book came out in 1968. The Military book draws on experiences of the two authors and uses an imaginary coup in Great Britain to illustrate the various steps. As the authors say in the forward, “Kids, don’t try this at home.”


I worry more about my own “end time”. As for Jesus’ second coming, MaraNatha!


Muzhik you’re awesome

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