End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


Yes, everyone in Europe could see the lights. However, not everybody knew about the message from Fatima, so they all accepted the scientific explanation that it was a very, very large example of the Aurora Borealis. This, despite the fact that there had been NO coronal ejections or other examples of “space weather” that could have created such an aurora; that radio traffic had NOT been interrupted (which happens when the ionizing radiation that is required for an aurora hits the atmosphere); AND the light was diffuse, i.e., there were no “lines” or sections of color that are the hallmarks of the Aurora Borealis.

In many ways, it’s like the “lights in the sky” that were witnessed by the Magi announcing the birth of Jesus: The signs were all there, but the ones in the know (including the ones in Herod’s court) were either too unknowing or too unwilling to put all the signs together. Instead, it was these crazy guys from Parthia (whose role it was back in their home land to select the next king) who came saying, “We’ve read the signs; where’s this new king the heavens are proclaiming?” Their threat was more political than theological since, if the Messiah HAD been born, it would be given to G_D’s Chosen to read the signs, not these pagan goyim. Not many people today know about the Woman of Rev 12, and even fewer know about the astronomical event that will occur (unless, of course the NYT does a story about it in their “crazy people” section the Sunday before.)


I guess we will have to wait and see on Saturday!


I actually did try to go back and read them a few months ago but life got in the way lol


Thanks for your response and insight!


Hello Endtimers ! I came across this video the other day and tried to send it on , only to discover it seems to be censored - not allowed to send . But it can still be accessed online by a Bing or Google search. The talk is given by a retired Navy Officer ( Liberty Man ) who now has his own radio show - The John Moore Show- on Republic Broadcasting Network. The relevant video is -
John Moore On Planet X/ Nibiru - WAKE UP ! - Youtube
According to him everyone in the Navy knows about Nibiru and the effects its already exerting on the earth, and many of his navy contacts ( including himself ) have retired to relatively safe places like the Ozarks ( higher above sea level )
On his presentation he shows a map of N.America as it will look with rising sea levels - All the west coast gone, A wide opening along the Missisippi from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. Europe almost disappeared !
It brings to mind the talk given by St. John Paul at Fulda in 1980 about the oceans overflowing…


If it’s a planet we would have long seen it and felt the effects.

They have been predicting Nibiru since 2003.

Jean Paul was probably talking about the melting ice caps.


Alternatively, someone censored my attempt to send a link of
John Moore’s talk . The false narative of greenhouse gases is promoted, and , if Nibiru is
about to pass too close to our earth, the population of the world would remain in ignorance
while the wealthy and powerful make their escape to their bunkers and safe havens.
BTW in July 2005 NASA announced a tenth planet , which, I think, they called Xena


I don’t think green gases are powerful enough to hide a huge planet.

If we can see the moon why wouldn’t we see Nibiru?


Ok, I did a hasty search of " why can we not see Nibiru ? " and a video came up – NASA admit Nibiru is coming. presented by Corey Powell of Discovery Magazine. Needless to say, people are free to draw their own conclusions , t he video starts off with a Nasa employee stating - " We’ll determine an alternative explanation for the data we see so far "
Apparently the other planets in the solar system have also been warming up, (not just the earth )
Space rocks moving out of the way of this entity called Nibiru.
NASA discovered a planet or planetary system in 1983 . It was shrouded in a dense cloud of dust. This entity reflects no light and cannot be viewed with optical telescopes. They describe the object as a possible gas giant, that could be as large as Jupiter, in 1983 estimated to be about 50bn. miles from earth. Nine years later a press release reported unexplained deviationsin orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system on a highly tilted orbit beyond 7 bn. miles from sun.
Around this time the press release about this entity was removed off NASA website, and Nasa reported it having gone missing. NASA has had more than two decades to resolve this problem and has not brought back these press releases. It is clear that NASA has removed these articles to keep this information from the public. Motive ?
This Space entity casts no light and can only be viewed in the infrared spectrum. Many countries have sent expeditions to Antartica for viewing space with infrared telescopes.
Corey Powell then goes on to discuss the three hours of darkness during the crucifixion of Christ. This three hours of darkness represented a three hour solar eclipse. The sun was eclipsed by a celestial object not commonly known to man. Powell believes that on Sept 23rd when Jupiter (the King Planet) exits the womb of Virgo that the other sign ( the great Red Dragon physical celestial representation ) will be waiting as stated in Revelation 12.5 to devour her child. That there will be a collision between Jupiter and Nibiru resulting in a shower of giant hail on the earth possibly.


I heard arguments similar to what Debbie noted, but with the addition of something regarding the Feast of Trumpets. I’ll try and find article.


Well if a planet is approaching earth and is due to hit this Saturday we would see it now and earth would have been long demolished by it’s gravitational effects.

A planetoid crashing into Jupiter makes more sense.



You would think it might be noticeable by now, right lol


Yeah that’s my whole thing.

How is something that big going to hit this Saturday and not visible.



Did you mean Astronomy? :smiley:


That seems to put that dragon to rest.


Yes but people are still convinced it’s Nibiru.

Some are saying it will be the Rapture others are saying the second coming of Christ.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

Nothing happened on the eclipse but sometime afterwards the hurricanes happened.

Were all scrambling to figure out what it means before it’s too late.

Can’t be the three days of darkness because people need to see the constellation or so that appears to be the case.

Maybe that might happen the day after.

But then I hear that the three days if darkness happens before the reign of the Antichrist and then the warning and chastisement.

I’m not sure how those are broken up perhaps someone can post more on them and who prophesied them.

Muzhik should make a chart or something.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The latest hurricane is “Hurricane Maria”… I wonder if that ties in or means anything? :thinking:


Fr.Ripperger says when we curse or say God’s name in vain or speak in some sinful manner it gives powers to the demons of the air.

Paul calls them the elemental spirit’s i.e demons that tempt us through the flesh and have control over this world.

I tend to categorize the demons of storms or natural disasters as Powers.

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