End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


Hey, a boy can dream, can’t he? :wink:


I’m posting this here in the hopes it won’t cause the thread to be closed or me to be banished to the Salton Sea. It’s an analysis of our President from someone who knows the world in which he made his living and how it has undoubtedly shaped him. I’m posting this because I think it has a direct bearing on End Times. There were a number of Protestants who, before his election, compared him to Cyrus, i.e., G_D has called him to be in this place and at this time in order to do His will, even if Cyrus (Trump) didn’t recognize it. Love him or hate him, I think this is an accurate description of our President and may give us hope or even a clue as to what may happen in the next year or two.

This originally appeared in the Comments section of Charlie Johnson’s blog entry, THE BALLAD OF THE ORDINARY MAN, PART 1 REPRISED
November 11, 2018 at 7:57 am
You ask a couple of interesting questions.

With respect to President Trump I think it is imperative to understand how his mind works going forward from here.

Trump first and foremost is a real estate developer guy. Big League. Those people have a culture all their own. It’s a small circle. It is competitive. It is ruthless. They are marked by huge egos. Demanding. Particular. Detailed. Fine print guys. They make a deal with you and they expect delivery on every single teeny tiny detail jot and tittle. Down to the shade of the grey paint on the back door of the project. They are suspicious. They hate it when you try to get over on them. If you try to shade them or take advantage of them in the smallest least significant detail you will be dragged into court. I don’t think they like each other much. A lot of yelling, screaming, insulting and fist pounding during negotiations. Drama. Lots and lots of Drama and play acting. Fake outrage. False emotions. They are in a rough business and they do business together. They have temporary relationships and partnerships and associations surrounding The Deal. When The Deal is accomplished or falls apart or never gets off the ground they go their separate ways to develop other deals. They love their business.

Real Estate Development on a Big League level ain’t beanbag. It’s kind of nasty. Inhabited by kind of nasty people. You probably wouldn’t feel comfortable inviting them over for dinner. You certainly wouldn’t “trust” them.

This is how Donald Trump views the world IMO.

…… And that perhaps he could become a dictator in the event of any unrest? ……

Well, that’s what they said about Lincoln.
(cont …)


(cont. from above)

Recall that Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus.

Trump knows about LEVERAGE and how to use it to his best advantage. You can think of his use of leverage as President.

He is a decisive man. He will act decisively and quickly if he thinks he has an opportunity that can be exploited or to defend himself. He can also let “the deal” ripen and mature over time. Real Estate deals do not often happen over night. Interesting combination in a man …. Patience combined with Decisiveness.

…… I was wondering if there are more Big Reveals ( masks off) to be had or is everything revealed in order to make our official choice. ……

I’d defer to Charlie’s insight on this one. IMO a lot has been revealed already. Shockingly really. But I do believe that more is to come. Is everything revealed IN ORDER TO MAKE OUR CHOICE?

Jesus cautioned his closest disciples not to reveal his true Divine nature which he SLOWLY revealed to them over time and which they had a very hard time understanding to the public at large. Why? Because He knew that many if not most, if not all would reject him. That there was not at that time SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE ON THE TABLE for the average people to form the correct conclusions and make a correct decision about Jesus as Messiah and Savior. Jesus was concerned that if pressed too early without all the evidence they needed available to them to make the critical decision about him they would reject him making a catastrophically wrong “choice”.

What evidence was missing? What evidence was required to be presented to the average men and women in the street to lead them to making the right “choice”?

The crucifixion, death, and resurrection. The last spectacular undeniable piece of evidence.

Personally, I think more shocking revelations are in store for all of us …. evidence … undeniable evidence … before the average man in the street can make that final choice that is before us. It is a time for choosing. IMO, the world is being prepared in a shocking, undeniable way. I don’t know what the final piece of evidence is going to be. It is just my sense that we are not there yet.


Well, not quite the last. The Sign of Jonah did not reveal itself until 1357 A.D. and was not proven to be miraculous until the correct understanding of its C-14 data was published by Antonacci in 2015.

TY for the analysis of Trumps’s mind. Interesting.


FWIW, I just finished reading another analysis which pointed out that all the tweets, all the behavior to get people anxious, all the stuff that people say they don’t like about him? It’s all coming straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, “Rules for Radicals”. IOW, the author was making the case that Trump was using the opposition’s tactics against them.



When talking with people about the End Times and about the Spiritual Warfare going on now, and someone complains and says that you’re seeing the devil under every rock, tell them, “Well, YEAH! But I’m not bothered or worried about the devil under the rock, because I know WHO is standing on the rock!”


This definitively seems to be the content of the third secret of Fatima


Fr. Malachi Martin has some good recordings with Bernard Janzen where he talks about Fatima and also Heede.

Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon have some good material too.


I hope Donald Trump converts through his wife Melanie.


I wrote about this topic a couple of years ago on the old forum, but it seems more imminent now and more difficult to dismiss.


Maybe some will find this devout speculation interesting.
Daniel spoke of 1335 days. We know that prophesy repeats;
and sometime has 1 year = 1 day.
It took 1335 years for Jerusalem to go back to Israel in 1973.
honestly, nothing against Muslims; but we know that Mohammed
denied the Divinity of Jesus Christ as The Son of God.
The Mosque they built on the Temple mount; is a sign of desolation.
It was built around 690 A.D. - add 1335 and we get 2025 A.D.

There is maybe another sign of desolation recently - that counts to days;
but it doesn’t line up; but the Mosque started to be built in 688 A.D.;
and that would line up with 2300 24 hour days(also in Daniel); happening now, to 2023 A.D.
but I would rather not elaborate, it involves giving honor to a known Rabble-rouser in history, who used class warfare propaganda that killed a lot of people for one thing.
And the lack of unity resulted in giving military power to Islam; hurting Israel
and Christianity - and gave a huge boost to exalt humanistic conscience.

I find this interesting; but will just pray pray pray for my continued conversion;
the conversion of souls, and witness Jesus Christ and His Gospel as best I am able.

Who knows, we may see in our lifetime, The Sign of The Son of Man in the sky;
and all the earth mourn (repent). Evangelization certainly will be easier.



Maybe. :rage: I’m cynical enough to believe in the desperate strength humans have to deny the existence and truth of things right in front of them.


Ukraine and Russia might now go to war


They’ve been at war for, what, 3 years? It’s just that Russia keeps reminding people to ignore the man behind the curtain. We now have a situation where Russia controls both sides of the strait that Ukraine needs to use to access its ports on the Sea of Azov, and the possibility that they may declare that any attempt by Ukraine to move through the strait is an invasion of Russian territory. If that’s the case, then Russia may be guilty of effectively (if not overtly) blockading Ukrainian ports, which under international law is considered an act of war, as surely as if you were to start shelling the other guy’s capital.


The term International Law (in terms of war-like conflict) and the term War Criminal have always bewildered me a bit.

Here’s why - If two men are in a boxing match, they must obey the rules or they either get penalized or lose do to disqualification.

If the same two men are in a street fight, they are not cognizant of any rules. “Rules” (i.e Laws) even seem to be the thing to break in order to win.

Curious as to why these latest Russian/Ukraine events are not big news? Never can tell what makes big news and what does not. Unless of course it is a Hollywood scandal, that is an easy call.

WWIII, not so much.


Apparently they have just genetically engineered a human being or two. I’d like to make a funny end times joke about that, but there is nothing funny about mankind taking charge of his own existence.
Surely of all the signs of the end, if there really are signs, that would be one.


Earth was “ringing” on November 11 2018. Check out the news stories. There was apparently a seismic event that spread over the entire globe. Scientists have never seen anything like it and have no idea what it was. 9:30 UTC on 11 11 2018. Not exactly a trumpet blast, but still very interesting. Any bells or ringing in Revelation?


Some scientists say we are entering a deep solar minimum.


Do you have a source for that I tried googling it nothing came up.


I believe it we’ve had colder and colder winters every year and our last few summers weren’t even really that hot and it can get to be a 112 in the summer where I’m from.

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