End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


It was on national news a couple days ago.


Entering a super grand solar minimum?

I read another place that this could happen within months.
Wouldn’t that sort of go along with the 3 days of darkness prediction?


The least we can expect for now is a potato shortage with higher priced french fries at Mc D’s.


If the predicted ice age were to begin in the next few months the only places where anything would grow is the limited land along the equator - across North Africa, part of South America, Indonesia. It would be nowhere near enough to feed the world population. Some scientists are saying that our outer atmosphere is cooling rapidly. Trunews website has two interesting articles on this.



NASA gives a good description of the 11 year cyclical event. Some scientists go beyond NASA by predicting a longer and deeper period of cold this time around.


Here in Argentina the G20 reunited and there was coincidentally a little earthquake, the first in 130 years in Buenos Aires (city).


There was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Anchorage a few days ago. Earthquakes in various places.


There was a 10.5 earthquake in Fresno California… :scream:

I ate Taco Bell… :taco::unamused::smoking:

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