End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


If the predicted ice age were to begin in the next few months the only places where anything would grow is the limited land along the equator - across North Africa, part of South America, Indonesia. It would be nowhere near enough to feed the world population. Some scientists are saying that our outer atmosphere is cooling rapidly. Trunews website has two interesting articles on this.

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NASA gives a good description of the 11 year cyclical event. Some scientists go beyond NASA by predicting a longer and deeper period of cold this time around.

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Here in Argentina the G20 reunited and there was coincidentally a little earthquake, the first in 130 years in Buenos Aires (city).

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There was a 10.5 earthquake in Fresno California… :scream:

I ate Taco Bell… :taco::unamused::smoking:

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A link to a YouTube video: a Russian Orthodox view of eschatology. It’s about an hour long, so budget accordingly. It is the text of a sermon (?) given by the monk Fr. Seraphim Rose of blessed memory. As the text scrolls across the screen, there is some absolutely beautiful chanting of Russian Orthodox prayers.

No information in the video or description who is doing the singing, though.



@Muzhik There is an interesting video on Czar Nicholas II and his relationship with English tutor Charles Sydney Gibbes.

Gibbes came back to England after the Romanov family was murdered and went on to become an Orthodox Monk.

He writes in his journal that Czar Nicholas II read about Lucia and Fatima and made a good case to him that the apparitions were authentic.

This took place during the Russian Royal family’s exile after Nicolas II abdicated his throne and the Communists took over.

I would share the video but it calls Pope Francis an anti pope at the end.

Which is a bummer because it’s a fascinating video.

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“Something has changed in a short time.” 25:00
A new morality has replaced the old.
There is a sense of lawlessness.
This change alone is the hallmark of something significant about to happen.



Everything in that article is true. The light of Christ is dimming in the Western world.
Russia has been through it , and ,as usual Christ has triumphed . There’s hope for us all .



I’ve seen the video you refer to. Very interesting !

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I haven’t been on here for a few years. They reformatted and it wouldn’t work with my phone, and I think they reformatted again sometime.

Did the old End Time Speculation threads disappear? I see all my PMs are gone, too.

I have other posts from before the revamp that I can find. But I can’t find the old End Times Speculation threads.



They along with many threads were deleted.



Yeah I wish I could find a reference to share on CAF but nothing so far.

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Yes, I’m afraid they did disappear. Even the Internet Way Back Machine only indexed the first page of each thread. The only thing that got saved was the intro stickies that I put up when starting each thread (and now this thread). I figure once this thread gets to around 2,000 messages then I’ll have this closed and a new one started.

Glad to see you back, though.

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No Bro Man…

5000 comments until closing…



@Muzhik the Protestants are at it again…

It’s Harold Camping and David Meade all over again…




We’ve all heard of the spirit of the anti-Christ, but is there an accompanying spirit of anti-Mary? The current condition of our world tell us a lot about the nature of this spirit – and also why there is so much reason to believe that an Age of Mary has already begun.

More reading link above

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The Ukrainians have split from the Russian Orthodox Church. They founded their own church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.



This letter to Camping’s followers is compassionate … and apparently necessary again.

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But don’t forget: The Blood Moon will pass directly over Washington DC on the 3rd anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration. You know, Trump, who was born 700 days before the foundation of modern Israel? Who was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old when he was inaugurated?




Oh no!!! Who’s going to fly the forum… :scream:


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