End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


Will Donald Trump ever convert?

Do you think he will be re-elected?


End time speculation?

Year 2025: Tension builds between western powers and the middle east

Year 2027: Iran is suspected of harbouring Nuclear weapons.

Year 2028: The president of the united state drops a nuke on Iran

Year 2029: North Korea sends their first satellite into space.

Year 2029: That same year, the president suspects that north Korea made the satellite out of nuclear materials. At 10.00 am eastern time america nukes the satellite from orbit.

Year 2030: North Korea and South Korea unite as one country.

Year 2031: America suspects that the new established united Korea is a front for nuclear weapons. At 23:30 eastern time America nukes Korea.

Year 2035: Everybody suspects America of having nuclear weapons. At 10.22 eastern time the president publicly denies the allegations.

  1. That’s between him and the good Lord. He has such a problem with narcissism, I’m not sure we would know – or HE would know – if he has converted or not.
  2. I’m afraid, but I hope so. I say this because in my view, a majority of the leadership of the opposition party appear to be actively anti-Christian and anti-religious. It may be that they don’t really feel that way, but a very loud portion of the party seems to be pushing them that way.

Let’s put it this way: The presidential candidate of a major party called almost a half of the electorate “deplorable”, mostly because they opposed her views and politics. This was done to the raucous cheers of the crowd of that rally. Had that candidate been elected, that very loud portion would have quite quickly demanded that she do something about suppressing these “deplorable people”. She would have been able to do nothing to minimize or mitigate the suppression without having that very loud portion turn on her.

So I hope the president gets re-elected in 2020, if only because that will give me another 4 years to prepare for the swing that will happen with the election of 2024.

ADMINS: please note that I did not name names. Please do not remove this post or ban me.


I don’t think I ever prayed so hard my life since the year 2016…

I got to get back into it… :weary:

I’m spiritually out of shape I need some old crust to yell at me to pray my rosary.


Whoa Whoa, that is my dad you’re talking about!


Here’s the “Old Crust” you need to whip your spiritual heiny into shape:

Archbishop Fulton J Sheen


I know this is a side-track, but that’s not accurate. First of all, it was “half” of Trump’s supporters, not half of the electorate. And said candidate specified those supporters who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic – Islamophobic” – all of which attitudes I, personally, completely agree are “deplorable.” (more like evil, actually)

Stupid thing to say during a campaign, to be sure. But that campaign season abounded in stupidity on all sides.

We now return to your regularly-scheduled program. . .


Actually, this fits in quite well with our regularly-scheduled program. Namely, who gets to decide what is “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic – Islamophobic”? A great many people (including, I’m sad to say, some of my children) think that because I’m a devout Catholic by definition that means I am sexist and homophobic, and possibly Islamophobic. I would definitely object, but since I’m clearly biased (I AM Roman Catholic, after all) my views on the subject are questionable at best and to be rejected outright otherwise.

Scripture tells us there will be an Antichrist (or spirit of Antichrist) who will rule the Earth. In order to maintain power (courtesy of Alinsky) a subset of the population has to be declared to be the “enemy” and the rest of the population must accept that and act on it. So who gets to decide what are the characteristics of the “enemy”?



There, an old crust yelled at ya. Or at least an old broad.


Just sport a beanie and some ratty 80’s style sweatpants and sweatshirt.

I’m old enough that I can remember wearing those as a kid…

They always had those elastic ruffled up waistbands and cuffs at the foot.


Why is it OK with so many Bishops, or at least not much objection to it; that a certain man - did something that obviously John Cardinal O’Connor would never do. (only 12 minutes: [https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4734342/rallyforlife1990johncardinaloconnor]) Namely make a deal with a regime (that fosters the painful murder of thousands of helpless children every single day) run Church that is now emboldened carrying out more oppression on the persecuted underground Church in that country. (And like things in other countries that aren’t so overt; but a fostering of complacency.) I’m reading a book, the 1993 printing of "A Trojan Horse in The City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained,’ by Dietrich von Hildebrand with a forward by John Cardinal O’Connor. And being acquainted with incontrovertible historical evidence given by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and others regarding a successful covert operation in the first half of the twentieth century for over 1000 men trained very well to go to Seminary; many reaching position of authority and education by the 1950s — I have little doubt the theological erroneous believers knowing how to emphasize true Teachings of The Church to foster a watered down preaching & teaching to mask that they either think their is no God or all religions are the same different roads to God or Deism or something similar. I’ve heard that some, not all who were seen as too pious; by some of these infiltrators who had the power to find a way to get them out of Seminaries did so (I’m not saying that some of them needed to be ‘outed,’ while those who were either lukewarm toward Church Teaching or other things the crisis now shows needed to by outed were not outed. No one, for the most part wants ‘hell fire and brimstone preaching.’ But the gradual lack of asserting truth, beauty, and goodness — seeking virtue and avoiding sin that offended God who desires to save everyone - to pander to more ‘acceptable’ preaching; left a lot to gradually see no difference with ‘just being a good person’ caring about people; thus compromise morality with tragic results developed — even among steady Church goers/ but led many to be Holiday Church goers — or why do I need Church? I’ll be a spiritual Christian, really a cultural Christian — and many of those are easily led to all religions are different ways to God; instead of they have seeds of The Word, that mutual agreeable charitable dialogue can we some over to Jesus Christ. While this was going on; everyone’s concern for freedom from hypocrisy; and the poor was used to implement conforming to or being complacent toward the most wicked fruit of the infiltration of The Church and society, especially in the industrialized West. The anthropomorphic Utopian ideology creating ambiguity of the heinous painful denial of thousands upon thousands of transcendent souls every week by denying their natural emphatic desire to live in God’s Providence. Jesus Christ dripped drops of blood from His pores in the Garden of Gethsemane crying out ‘My Soul is anguished unto death!’


It seems to me we have had centuries of weak leadership in opposing evil. The prime example that springs to mind is the Cristero War in Mexico, 1926-29. It ended when Rome, based on reports of talks with the government, ordered the Catholics to lay down their arms. Rome had been promised that the government would honor the cease fire and they were worried that the Faith might be hunted to extinction in Mexico. After the last person laid down their arms, government death squads started hunting the Cristeros down. The last extrajudicial killing that could be traced back to the death squads was in Los Angeles in 1950.



On a different thread some one said that he did not believe that Pope St. Pius X actually had the visions that are attributed to him. So I researched what biographies I could find of the Saint, and could find no mention of the visions. However, I have come to the conclusion that the actual source of the visions (if one chooses to call them such) is not so important. The real question is, “Were they mentioned prior to the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement?”

The reason that this is such a crucial point is because these two visions actually point to two different persons being affected by the same event. And if that interpretation is correct, then the two visions predicted the retirement of a sitting Pope who would share a name with Pope St. Pius X, Giuseppe Sarto. That event has happened. Therefore, this ominous prophecy has validated itself. Pray for Vatican City in 2019.



I think it is essential to develop reverent attitudes towards prayer during the coming days. I just saw this video from Sensus Fidelum on the Holy Name of Jesus, and I can’t think of a better protection during the day of saying that for my kids and other family members:


For the coming days as mentioned by Steve Ray.


This is the Abba or Allah reference Steve Ray made in his conference. It too is excellent and very worth the time.


Continuing the discussion from End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0):

Blood moon eclipse alert…1/20 into 1/21. This is the last blood moon event of the series of lunar eclipses with “perfect symmetry”. And it passes directly over Washington DC and Philly, the birthplace of the US. Height of the event in both places is 1212 am.Just find this interesting. I’ll be watching.


After the 21st will you continue the discussion of what I shared from Dr. Scott Hahn and Steve Ray? I will be watching.


While looking for a quote I half-remembered, I found it in this essay. The essay is by the author John C. Wright, was written for the web site “One Peter Five” (or 1P5) and is titled “Faith and Works in a Science Fictional Universe

It includes details of his conversion from convinced and convicted atheist to convinced and convicted Christian, specifically, a Roman Catholic.

This is the quote that made me look up the original essay; and I think it is the bestest, most perfect description of the role of Roman Catholic Christians in the days to come (especially when talking to those protestants who teach only the necessity of “accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior” and that all suffering is evil):

Will I lose sales because I am Christian? I cannot impress upon you, dear reader, how blitheringly stupid that question is. Lose sales, indeed! Sales?

Perhaps those of you who were born in the faith do not realize what is written over the wide front gates of pearl next to the baptistery, those same open doors that invite all infidels to become faithful. I passed through those doors. Do you not recall? Really? TAKE UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. That is what I was promised when I joined your army.

It does not say, “Take up your little pink baby blanket,” does it?


For those who are interested, here is John C. Wright’s interview with the National Catholic Register. (For the record, “National Catholic Register” (NCR) is sponsored by EWTN and is orthodox in its views and reporting. The other NCR is “National Catholic Reporter”, whose views and reporting are … less so.) It goes into details on the mystical experiences he had following his heart attack that lead to his conversion, including meeting Mary, of whom he says, “She is a simple Jewish woman who worked hard all her life, and yet she is also the Queen of the Angels. I held her hands in my hands. I would do anything, die any death, suffer any torture, just for the slightest chance of seeing her again.

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