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Discussing the list of phrases wherein Pope Pius XII obtained the title of his autobiographical film (Pastor Angelicus, 1942) hardly seems like a violation of community standards to me.


There is the ancient Catholic prophecy of the Great Catholic Monarchy led by a French King.

An interesting parallel to this that I think is
prevalent the way that the Catholic Monarchy prophecies are prevalent in Catholic circles especially after the French Revolution is the idea of the return of the Russian Tsar.

It’s basically much of the same idea only within Orthodox Christianity particularly Russian Orthodox Christianity and especially after the Bolshevik Revolution.


Personally, I’d rather see the Royal House of Habsburg become reascendant. They were (are) a strongly Catholic family. Emperor (Blessed) Karl was brutally starved to death by the Freemasons; he is a Blessed but probably won’t be declared to be a saint, because that would have political repercussions in Hungary, where he had been overthrown.


BTW, when I say “brutally starved to death by the Freemasons”, I’m talking about President Woodrow Wilson, a racist totalitarian who was strongly reminiscent of Stalin. But that’s another rant.


brutally starved to death = do you mean he was not fed some food?


I mean that Kaiser Wilhelm, who had helped start the war, admitted as such and was basically allowed to live the rest of his life in luxury. Karl I of Austria, who wasn’t Emperor when the war started, refused to abdicate and so was blamed for the entire war. He, his pregnant wife, and their children were sent to a small rocky island off the coast of Portugal and forced to live in a damp stone hut, where they were given starvation rations. Karl developed a lung infection, which was made worse because he insisted on giving his rations to his pregnant wife. Eventually he succumbed to a combination of the flu and malnutrition. His daughter was born a month after his death.

Woodrow Wilson was one of the strongest voices insisting on this punishment. The war would have ended a year earlier than it did had the Allied Powers accepted the peace proposal put forth by Emperor Karl; however, Wilson, as a Freemason, was strongly anti-Catholic. He wanted NOTHING to do with any peace proposal that had been touched by the Church. His treatment of the Emperor and Empress were due to his Freemasonry, which insisted that all the old order be dissolved and a New World Order rise from the ashes.


Thanks for this information. Wikipedia does not even tell this hidden story of the cause of the death of Blessed Karl…


I wanted to talk about a theory I’ve been hearing from two different evangelical pastors/teachers on TV.

They’ve been talking about the corruption of Mankind’s DNA/hybrid humans. They’ve been relating the idea that the “sons of men” mentioned in Genesis is the mating of angels with humans, thus corrupting mankind’s DNA by creating a hybrid human – the Nephilim. And for this reason, God destroyed mankind by the flood–except for Noah whose DNA had not been corrupted.

Now, as to our present day world, they’ve been mentioning various “scientific predictions” saying that by 2030, the vast majority of humans will have some sort of ‘implant’ enabling them to be ‘super humans’ (the military is already implementing some of these things). And for this reason, another ‘corruption’ of mankind’s DNA, Christ will come again and put an end to all of this altering of mankind, which is not what God intends for humans.

They are teaching these things as facts. I’m curious to know what people think. I have my own opinion, but would like to hear others’.


The Church condemns the idea of angels having bodies and reproducing.

Some will argue that the fallen Angels could have made temporary bodies like Archangel Raphael.

The problem with that is that these bodies are are made material with surrounding matter and not actually organic human bodies or are spiritually holographic in nature.

Yet there is some dispute amongst some of the early church fathers and some of the more enigmatic figures such as the late Father Malachi Martin who translated the Dead Sea scrolls and was supposedly an exorcist.

Fr Martin spoke about others that were on the earth before man was formed from the clay of the Earth.

I take Father Martin with a grain of salt because his authenticity seems to weave in and out and there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding him.

There are hints of the existence of monsters with some of the desert fathers like Saint Anthony of Egypt encountering fauns and satyrs.

Maybe this is just a Christian myth or symbolic story telling but it’s recounted that these creatures told St Anthony that they were wrongly worshipped by pagans as deities and we’re nothing more but mere animals.

Then there’s the legend of the Afghanistan giant found in the early 2000s.

Every culture has monsters and every culture has Giants.

There’s also a lot we don’t know about the world before the flood and how much technology they had and how much Ham’s lineage the cursed Canaanites recovered and were able to reproduce.

I believe there’s something like five different versions of the Book of Enoch the oldest and probably the most authentic out of them being the Ethiopian Book of Enoch which is not considered scripture because it has errors such as Noah having two sons instead of three and some other issues.

In that book which I personally have not read it talks about Watchers and these fallen Angels teaching mankind about science, about sorcery, about cosmetics, about sexuality, and about craftsmanship ect.

I think that actually might be the only authentic part of that story is the idea that Demons had assisted fallen men who were a sinful nature in surviving and thriving.

The position of the Church and her theologians have are that the Sons of God we’re actually a group of men born of the lineage of Seth that were proto monks that lived on a holy mountain and then were seduced by the daughters of Cain and this produced horrific mutant offspring.


Then there’s the Jewish myth of Adam having a first wife named Lilith who is also formed out of the clay of the Earth and who rejected his authority over her and then left the garden and became the mother of demons and monsters.

Lilith is the first succubus in Judeo-Christian lore and she’s also associated Mesopotamian Pagan religions that depict her and similar pagan deities as half woman and half owl.

Which became part of the whole mythology about night terrors and nocturnal emissions and that being the cause of monsters.

Roman / Greek mythology explains that the god’s having intercourse with animals is what created many of the mythological creatures.

I have also heard that a lot of the pagan gods were actually kings that became deified by their followers and if some of these men were scientists and possessed such knowledge maybe they created human-animal hybrids.

It’s a vast subject and I really personally don’t know what to make out of it.


I’m thinking it’s more like this:

We know that demons can move physical objects. We also know that demons (being angelic) are much more intelligent than humans. I believe it’s possible that demons created “demon seed” from human genetic material: spermatozoa that contained non-human DNA. What today we would call “transhuman”

Demons, being angelic in nature, can for a time appear as beings of great beauty. Using these forms they would seduce human women into allowing themselves to be “impregnated” using this modified and corrupted spermatozoa and the women’s own eggs. This would be profane and blasphemous foreshadowing of the Incarnation, which required no material help. The purpose would be to insert non-human DNA into the human genome. If successful, it would have prevented G_D from incarnating himself as “True God and True Man”, since “True Man” as defined by Adam would have ceased to exist. Instead, there would have been part-Man/part-animal creatures infecting the genetic line that became the Davidic line.

True or not, all of Scripture exists to teach and warn us. The story of the Nephilm is in Scripture as a message and warning to us: DO NOT MIX TYPES! It’s one thing to insert genetic material from an eggplant into a tomato. Those are both types of plants, so there is no mixing of types. Inserting genetic material from a wolf into a kitten PROBABLY isn’t in violation of this command, because both animals are types of mammals. Inserting genetic material from jellyfish into cats to make glow-in-the-dark kittens IS in violation of that warning, since jellyfish are types of “fish” (creatures that live in water) and are of a different “type” of animal than kittens are.

Humans are truly unique – there truly are NO other creatures that match us for “type”. Any mixing of genetic material from any other “type” of G_D’s creation with the human genome would be THE definition of “abomination.” This is even if the intent is to “fix” a genetic “abnormality”. If the mixture is successful, then the modification is permanent – It will be passed on to the next generation and the following generations. And let’s face it: we have NO BLEEDIN’ WAY OF KNOWING WHAT UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES WILL ARISE.


Yes that’s a possibility I think I’ve pointed that out in the past in end time speculation threads.

That’s probably most likely what’s happening.

We were talking about the black-eyed kids and men and black and Jinn’s and all sorts of weird creatures in TTGBITN.

I remember a guy that my cousin knew up in North Fork he was a good old boy like most folk up there and like a lot of people he drank and did drugs and he was a bit of a lush.

They ended up having a falling out after a year or two but I remember one time we were up there and this is during my high school years and this guy Jimmy goes on a rant about how we need to read the King James Bible and that he believes in the Nephilim.

My dad growing up Catholic also said that he believed in them which was one of the few times growing up I ever heard my dad talk about religion.

The guy was obviously very Protestant because he went on further to say that Christ covers us under his cloak and brings us past the Father to get in heaven how very Lutheran of him… :roll_eyes:

All I know is that our world is becoming increasingly and unapologetically satanic everyday.

Just look at the field of the paranormal which I seem to have an interest in and you find that most people that are serious researchers usually are agnostic they don’t believe in any set religion and if they do take a Christian position it’s usually a very Gnostic one.

More concerning is it there are some that really do believe our saviors are extraterrestrial and have embraced a new age gnostic ET religion.

We live in a new age of monsters and lore and even with all our technology and all our information at our fingertips through the power of the internet there are still things that don’t quite make sense that sort of fall into a middle ground.

I will end it here but I’ve been hearing that some groups of Jews are actually expecting their “messiah” in the next three years which is frightening because that means in about three years we might see the Antichrist.


This is straight from Wikipedia:

Blockquote Early Christian writers such as Justin Martyr, Eusebius, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Commodianus believed that the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:1–4 were fallen angels who engaged in unnatural union with human women, resulting in the begetting of the Nephilim.[

I personally have never believed that the Nephilim were a product of the mating of “The sons of God” and “The daughters of men.” When I read the scripture in Genesis, I interpret it to say that the Nephilim were already upon the earth: “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them.”

And I’ve never thought that “The sons of God” referred to the angels. When I read the genealogy of Jesus in Luke, it ends with “…the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.” So here, Adam was the son of God because God personally created him. To my way of thinking, all men could be called the sons of God. Whereas woman was created from man, so all women could be called the daughters of men.

But when I heard these preachers saying that Noah was the only one who did not have corrupted DNA and that was why God destroyed the world with the flood and saved only Noah, and that Christ will come again because of the integration of man with machine, again corrupting man’s DNA. That, at least to me, is :thinking: :rofl: :crazy_face: … but maybe someone else sees it differently.

Doesn’t the scripture say that God brought the flood because the intents of men’s hearts were only evil? And that Noah was righteous?
Yep…or is our DNA really corrupted with :alien: :alien: :alien: :upside_down_face:

(P.S. what is the proper way to do a blockquote so that “blockquote” doesn’t appear in the text? All this time, and I haven’t figured it out…)


There are a lot of ideas my most realistic one is the Church’s official position which is that the Sons of God were of the line of Seth and we’re a group of holy men that were like proto-monks who lived on a mountain.

They were seduced by the daughters of men who were of the line of Cain and came down from their mountain abandoning their religious vocation and produced offspring who were horribly mutated.

Everyone keeps going on about Genesis 6 conspiracy but if you read the passage it says that the children were small and gigantic.

Everyone ignores the aspect of dwarfism in the scriptures but it’s likely that the corruption didn’t stop with fornication it probably went further and begat further horrors.

I think the hills have eyes and you’ll get what I’m talking about a band of inbred cannibalistic mutants.


Edit: I wrote a blog entry about this and I referenced them being small malformed in giant but I didn’t put a scriptural reference and I’m trying to figure out where I got that from.

I checked both the Douay Rheims and the rsvce and don’t find any reference to this I’m wondering if it’s from another biblical book or maybe I took it from The Book of Enoch.

I’ll try to figure it out but in any case it is probably safe to say that they were an incestuous tribe of cannibals and devil worshippers.

Most lore involving Giants even Native American Sasquatch legend puts them down as cannibals and believe it or not good Saint Christopher in some stories was believed to be a Canaanite giant who also ate people.

Edit: I found the link but I’m not sure where the info is taken from perhaps the Ethiopian Book of Enoch.


One thing I had thought about many years ago was that, regardless of race, size, etc., there are only two types of people on the earth: one is the sons/daughters of God and the the other is sons/daughters of demons–or the descendants of those who were born from the fallen angels mating with some of the women of earth.
And that when Jesus told some of the Jewish people that they were sons of their father the Devil, that he meant it literally.

“Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me … You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires.” (John 8:42,45)

And that those who will be saved are all of God’s children, whereas the sons/daughter of the devil are destined for the other place.

But people can come up with all sorts of wacky ideas.


I’m thinking about getting an icon of the Romanov family. They are saints in the Russian Orthodox Church and Tsar Nicholas believed in the Fatima prophecies.

I’m not sure how how my Ukrainian priest would feel about that… :thinking:

He believes that the Orthodox have valid Saints but I’m not sure how he would feel about the Romanovs as a Ukrainian.

I finally tried North Coast Brewing Rasputin Russian imperial stout and it basically taste exactly like Guinness Extra Stout.

I’m stuck in heaven in Fr. Charles Arminjon book.

My goal is to finish this book before Lent.

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