End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)

Interesting blog entry, this:

Years That End In “9” Tend To Be Times Of Great Upheaval

I have to admit I’m sort of laughing at the news source; TMIN :sweat_smile::joy:

But it’s all very captivating! :star_struck: especially for a mudgie.


This may be of some interest to some people. The burning of the Red Heifer is a Biblical requirement (a mitzvah) in the ritual purification of Jews. The ashes from the last red heifer ran out around 400 AD. This may not have any bearing on Catholic eschatology; but as the Jews are our elder brothers we should keep apprised of developments in this area:

Exclusive: Burning of Red Heifer Takes Place in Preparation for Third Temple

This was an experiment to figure out the exact steps that will need to be performed in burning the red heifer. A sick heifer slated for destruction was used as a stand-in, and the amounts of wood needed were measured, then burned. In short, enough ash was generated to provide ritual cleansing for 660 billion sprinklings.

Bummer, dude.


Get yer house in order or, keep doin’ whatcha been doin’. :+1:


I think if we strap enough Roman Candles to Bruce Willis we can send him in space to save the world.


“Mary must be terrible to the devil and his crew, as an army ranged in battle, principally in these latter times, because the devil, knowing that he has but little time, and now less than ever, to destroy souls, will every day redouble his efforts and his combats. He will presently raise up cruel persecutions and will put terrible snares before the faithful servants and true children of Mary, whom it give him more trouble to conquer than it does to conquer others.”

-St. Louis De Montfort, True Devotion to Mary


To some … they more or less coincide … so that should not be a stumbling factor…

We shan’t know the day or hour… Yet those who remain observant shall see e.,g Signs…

We have Signs, Given, to us - by Jesus - which must be fulfilled - and which serve as both a Confirmation of the always moving-closer Encroaching Day… and well as A Warning to those who are befuddled with the e.g., Prophesied Growing Problems - including, even their own potential Loss of Faith!

There’s a Confluence / Convergence of Signs - which in turn should serve to alert those who do look Forward to the Day of our Lord’s Return - as existed as HOPE in the minds and hearts of all Christians who dwelled in the 1st Century AD…

It behooves all to become familiar with especially the NT - especially the Prophecies Awaited - which must be fulfilled.

Additionally, there are a Legion of Events unfurling which are not readily realized as having call it easily evident Christian/Catholic notations.

Realize too, that not just a few non-Christian religious Jews sense an imminence…

Even though I’ve not addressed any specifics, per se, we truly interested (including current observers) should strive to expand upon our Lord Jesus’ Return - via expounding upon what we actually Know wrt Teachings, Events, and other Evidences.

Keep your Faith in JESUS


Interesting news here:

Israel Gets Ready to Fight a Multifront War

Everything in this article, listing the possible fronts as well as the participants, lines up with the prophesied War of Psalm 83.

Now, mind you, I’ve been researching and keeping an eye out for this war for the past 10 years. But that’s one thing I like about being a pessimist: Sooner or later, you’re right,

Great so we’re all going to die right?


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Well, YOU are … :smiling_imp:

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Just wait until you drink today’s coffee.

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This asteroid stuff is really something but I have a good hunch that if any significant impact was suddenly imminent, the general public would not know. Scientists and star gazing enthusiasts might know. Surprise asteroids happen and are a continuous threat to earth.

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YES… And he’s not the only Cardinal and/or Observer who has brought attention to that Sign (among some other necessary and Prophesied Signs as well.

ON this Note - Not just a few Israeli and other Jews have been very strongly speaking of their version of an imminence of their promised Messiah…

Which yes - varies in manners from e.g., most Christian beliefs on the Return of Messiah Jesus. .

All of Which in turn - adds additional interest to the overall discussion of the Signs of The Times…



Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a new date!


This is actually quite a good essay by the spiritual director and chaplain for Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Missionaries of Charity in Denver. You should read the entire piece, but to summarize, the end of the 100 years of Satan’s rule would have been on Oct. 13 2018; BUT … we recently had the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. This year cannot be considered as part of Satan’s 100 years, which pushes the end of the 100 years (101 years, actually – the same number of times the statue of Mary wept real tears in Akita, Japan) to Oct. 13, 2019. This falls on a Sunday and is smack in the middle of that Amazon Synod.

Now, this doesn’t mean that something catastrophic will happen on that date. But I believe that in the future, when historians look back, that date will be the date that is used to mark the beginning of the end.


Will the canonization of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, which is to take place on that date, be delayed, or will his intercession save us from a coming chastisement?

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Wow. Certainly a date to be mindful of?!
The article seemingly comes from a grounded cleric as opposed to much of the more aberrant opinions that we see in blogs…

It sure puts Cardinal Newman’s canonization to the forefront IMHO.

Thanks for posting!

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